Race Information

Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet



Saturday, January 25, 2020, Larch Hills Ski Club Chalet
10:00 a.m. Classes B thru K
10:05 a.m. Class  R30, A3, A4
10:10 a.m. Classes R10, R17
10:15 a.m. Classes  A1, A2


Larch Hills Ski Club Chalet.

Loppet Rules

Download Loppet Rules PDF


Our 34 km competitive course consists of two 17 km loops of ideal rolling terrain designed for the novice as well as the racer. Competitive seniors (age 70 and over) may choose to ski either 17 or 34 km. Skiers who wish to ski shorter distances (classes R10 and R17) and younger skiers (classes A3 and A4) ski selected portions of the competitive course.  There is a separate course and start/finish line for A1 and A2 skiers.  (Parents are welcome to accompany their children entered in the A1, A2, A3, & A4 classes.) The R30 is a challenging, single loop, track-set trail that traverses some higher elevations.

Aid/Waxing Stations

Every 6KM or less.

Classes: Male & Female (age as of Dec. 31, 2019).

Class Age Distance
A1 4 & Under 1 KM
A2 5 to 7 2 KM
A3 8 to 10 5 KM
A4 11 to 13 5 KM
B 14 to 17 17 KM
C 18 to 29 34 KM
D 30 to 39 34 KM
E 40 to 49 34 KM
F 50 to 59 34 KM
G 60 to 69 34 KM
H 70 & over 34 KM
J 70 to 79 17 KM
K 80 & over 10/17 KM
R10 Any Age 10 KM
R17 Any Age 17 KM
R30 Any Age 30 KM
PN Sit Any Age Choose KM
PN Stand Any Age Choose KM
Para Nordic entrants will be contacted so that we might best prepare for your needs.