Trail Report

2023 February 05

6:45 am Currently: -0.3 degrees with 1 cm of new snow overnight. The PistonBully went out at 4:00 this morning., has groomed the South Trails and is working in the Central Trail system. The road crews were up at midnight very early this morning. Some washboard areas and a few potholes to be found. Please continue to drive with caution and be courteous to other drivers.

Check back to the Grooming Report for updates. You can find it here. The Inreach System ‘blue dots’ will show the progress.

Sunday 2023 Jan 22

Here is a quote from a very happy visitor: “I have been to Nordic centers all over the country and this is the best one I have been to” He considers our trails and grooming are some of the best he has seen, our maps/ signage was amazing. He cant wait to come back.

ATTENTION: There is active logging in the South Canoe trail network. If you head down the South Canoe Ski out, be warned that Metford Road is being plowed from the tower to the South Canoe gate.

New Year Morning on the Whooppees
PistenBully New Year’s Day

Reminder the new Dog Trail extension is open Monday to Friday only. Skiers with dogs need to enter the trail system from the west side of the parking lot where the Dog Trail Sign is. Please ski in one direction from Sentinel Cutoff, turn left onto Sentinel down to Woodlot Ramble. Weekends please ski only on the original out and back route. This is for skiers only. Dogs are welcome on the snowshoe trails if you are walking. Please be sure to pick up after your dogs.

Watch for wildlife. Spottings of mama moose and her calf are becoming common.

If you have anything to report, send me an email at

Snowshoe Trails

The snow is beginning to land. Snow shoe trails are heavily used. Snow shoes and boot walking with cleats is adequate on the lower trails. Always a good idea to carry your snowshoes.

It is recommended that you carry a map or download the Larch Hills Trail maps onto Avenza to be able to track your progress.

Our snow shoe trails are “User Maintained.” Please carry garden clippers and/or a folding saw and help us keep our trails clear of anything that is impeding progress or may get in someone’s face. 

Report anything you can not deal with to

Our trails are not patrolled. If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own, you may have a long wait for help. Be prepared to look after yourself (extra food, clothing, fire starter, and water).

For more snowshoe trail information visit our Snowshoe page

Non-Groomed Trails and Backcountry;

2023 February 1

The fresh snow has improved conditions considerably but some spots still have very little snow over the crust. A group that went up Treebeard’s today didn’t recommend going down it.

Blaine Carson is offering guided trips to the Backcountry every Sunday at 9am, planning to be out until Noon. This year concentrating on the 4 Bogs in the Larch Lake Loop area. Please contact him at if you’re interested. Today February 5th it will be the 100 Metre Bog off the bottom of Larch Lake Loop. 

The tree near the bottom of Afterthought is now mostly covered with snow. There is still a small bump.

The Safety bucket is now in place near the bottom of the Summit Trail –  on a stand midway between the junctions with Summit Shortcut and Caribou Memory. There is also a small container with materials for repairing bindings.

There are tracks on all of the bog routes but some of them are off course. Recommend having Avenza on your phone and tracking the blue dot if you don’t know the routes well.

There are still a few leaners from the snow so carry a saw if you have one.

Treebeard’s creek crossing – November 27

 A 4′ X 8′ foot bridge was built over the lower crossing on Treebeard’s on November 4. Thanks to Adrian, Jeremy, Craig, Doug and John.The upper crossing has a warning sign and will be repaired next summer.

If you find anything that needs attention please report it: or