Trail Report


UPDATE: WEDNESDAY,  MARCH 27,2019—– In spite of trails not being groomedseveral skiers have reported that skiing conditions at Larch Hills are still excellent and there is still a lot of snow.  So go out there and enjoy!!



At noon today (Friday), we retrieved the First Aid Kits and rescue sleds from the 4 sections of the trails they were located.  Thus skiers and snowshoers should be aware of this.

We are now at the point where we can no longer groom the trails due to the spring thaw.  The drastic changes in temperature from night to day have a profound effect on the snow which presents huge challenges to both the PB machine operator and  the PB machine itself. These guys that drive this machine have done an excellent job and we thank them for it.  

Of course, skiers and snowshoers are still welcome at Larch Hills, however snow conditions will vary widely from fast, icy trails in some early mornings and in the shade, to soft , wet  trails in the afternoon and in the sun.  Obviously, skiers must exercise caution.  So this will probably be the last daily trail report until next ski season.  I think we all agree, it has been a  fantastic ski season and for some of us it is not quite over yet. I wish everyone a happy Spring, Summer and Fall.

If you see anything on the ski trails that needs attention such as fallen trees, etc, you can email me at





March 21/19: With the sudden rise in temperatures, the backcountry snow has become very unstable. If you are on a previous track there is usually sufficient support, but all of a sudden, you can drop through to a lower level, or even have a ski pole get stuck in the deep snow, so caution is suggested, and if you fall down, you may need help to get out of your own personal tree well, so take a friend with you.
The Wednesday Wenches were out on their Annual Bun Run, but they stayed on groomed trails where your only real concern is the start and stop of shade versus sun. The Six Hour Geezers did a loop beyond the North Hub over to the snow plowed Lichen Traverse and back to Caribou Memory. A good time was had by all and they had their first Annual Barbecue, practising fire lighting skills. Lots of snow to put the fires out!
Watch this space to see if conditions change and if more trips are planned. More information from



A down loadable map for cell phones is available on the Larch Hills Map Page. here.

  There is lots of snow under the trees.   Please carry garden clippers to remove any new growth that gets in the way of faces in particular.

All of our trails appear to be well used now and are well defined. With warmer weather the  possibility of stepping into a wet spot will become more likely- particularly in the bogs.  Ski poles or a little agility is usually enough. Take care, test with a pole and be prepared to lengthen your stride or jump occasionally.

OUR TRAILS ARE NOT PATROLLED.  BE PREPARED TO LOOK AFTER YOUR SELF (EXTRA FOOD CLOTHING AND WATER) IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS.  Coffey’s Climb has been used  and the trail is packed. Coffey’s Climb and Mom’s Loop are considered wilderness trails.  Be prepared.

(Boot hikers continue to locate find most of the wet spots for us .)

Please report your trail experience, especially in the bogs, so we can post it.

View this year’s map here.

For more Snow Shoe trail information visit our Snow Shoe page on the Larch Hills website. 

The emergency skidoo is behind the Chalet. Please contact us at 250-832-9804 or if there are hazard trees and/or blockages on any trails.