Trail Report

Monday, November 18 early season update18:15

We had a good day grooming north of the south hub. The Kubota with tracks and our new engineered groomer packer ( courtesy of Jim Nadler) worked very well. They said that with the 2cm we had overnight the skiing is quite good once you get out of the stadium. Larch Hills Rd. to the North Hub, Sky and Stig loop, and East Dales were packed making it nice for skate skiers. We have never been able to groom this early in the season as the snow is too heavy for the ginzu groomer and stairs. So take advantage of these early season conditions.

Welcome all members to the trail report. This part of our website is dedicated to the actual snow conditions during the ski season. It will be updated daily when the skis season is underway.  Until then the information will be updated as needed with relevant information.  All the bog and sensitive area gates are still closed.

The heat is on in the Chalet and our new club manager Karen Tanchak is setting up her office. Work on the trails such as log removal from danger trees and high branch pruning is over. We may still have a few trees down after the windstorm of last week please let us know.

A down loadable map for cell phones is available on the Larch Hills Maps page.

If you see anything on the ski or snowshoe trails that needs attention such as fallen trees, etc, please  contact us at 250-832-9804 or if there are hazard trees and/or blockages on any trails.

NONGROOMED TRAILS and BACK COUNTRY: No new information at this time

Snowshoe Trails

Nov 17 2019 – The snow reached 20cm on Nov 13 and was lovely in the trees.  However it has melted a lot since, so boot hiking in wet snow possible.  Keep your fingers crossed for colder weather.

A downloadable PDF map (including for cell phones) is available on the Larch Hills Map Page here.

Please carry garden clippers to remove any new growth that gets in the way of faces in particular.

Our trails are not patrolled. If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own, you may have a long wait for help.     BE PREPARED to look after yourself (extra food, clothing, fire starter, and water).

For more Snow Shoe trail information visit our Snowshoe page