Trail Report

January 28 13:30 Update

2 cm of new snow this morning and then a dusting on the groomed trails. Currently it is -2 and the sun has been shining today. The PB headed out just after 6:30 am beginning on the central trails and working their way north. The parking lot is cleared but watch for slippery sections. Road is packed snow conditions with sand.

All our main trails at L/H are cleared of danger trees and are in good condition with the exception of ones listed below. Snow conditions are presently good for XC skiing and most of our main trails are groomed. We are  back to normal operating conditions.   

Trails of possible concern: Reino’s trail section  west of Cottonwood cut-off, East Dales and Camels Hump will likely be worked on Wednesday this week.

You can see the grooming progress of today here

Some reports are still coming in about falling trees so vigilance is recommended.

We have about twice the normal average snowfall we usually receive at this time of year. This is in part why we are experiencing a record number of trees falling from their excessive snowloads. Check the snow depth measurement made by Keith and George just recently at the bottom of the page at

Note: We appreciate all who offered to help and we will keep your name on file in the event of another climactic anomaly. Here are some pictures of this last one.

If you have questions or feedback please contact Ed Bouma at 250 804-3113 or If you see anything on the ski or snowshoe trails that needs attention such as fallen or hazard trees or trail blockages please  contact Jim Nadler at 250 463-5037 or

Copies of the 2-sided waterproof, recyclable Larch Hills Cell coverage/no coverage trails map and a current LHNS Emergency Responder Contacts List are available from the pamphlet box on the Kiosk sign board across from the Chalet’s main upstairs door.

A downloadable map, which can be used on cell phones, is available on the Larch Hills Maps page.

January 27

Non-Groomed Trails and Back Country

The January thaw has changed the backcountry conditions with a lot of weight taken off the trees. There are still some snow bombs on the big trees up high. A number of trees are down with even some new ones!  Carry a saw and have the interactive map from the Website on your phone!  There is some new snow with a crust underneath. You sink between 5 and 10 cm unless you are on a tree drip crust. 

Jan 25, we did more clearing on Raven’s Ridge. There are still some large trees to be ducked under and a crust. Skiing down Raven’s Ridge is not recommended until there is more snow. The south half of Chipmunk Chase and the Secret Trail were also cleared. There are a couple of short detours.

More information from

Snowshoe Trails

January 20

Our snow shoe trails need some TLC.

The snowshoe trail Lucy is blocked and Stumpy is open with a temporary route change. The plan is to open these blocked snowshoe trails tomorrow.

Many thanks to Wayne Pierce for clearing parts of Moose and Lost in the Woods of trees. Thank you to David Millard helping with Moose. There is a tangle of trees at the beginning of Mom’s that are too big for the folding saw.   We have no reports on other trails.  As all appear to be in use, we assume they are passable but probably in need of pruning and possibly some bushwhacking.  

Please report where you have snowshoed, what you have done, and what needs attention.

 After the recent heavy snow our snow shoe trails need some user maintenance. Most trails were clear and well used before the recent heavy snow.  With new deep snow, small new growth branches are now in our faces as are dead ones that have become dangerous (face & eye pokers).  Both  need trimming.  A 20 cm folding saws & loppers  are great tools for dealing with these  problems.  With these we can remove branches that block  a safe passage around or over larger fallen trees.  Do as much as you can, when you can.  

Thank you in advance form your assistance.

A downloadable PDF map (including for cell phones) is available on the Larch Hills Map Page here.

Please carry garden clippers to remove any new growth that gets in the way of faces in particular.

Our trails are not patrolled. If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own, you may have a long wait for help. Be prepared to look after yourself (extra food, clothing, fire starter, and water).

For more Snowshoe trail information visit our Snowshoe page