Trail Report

2023 May 1

Still some decent conditions above the South Hub
Marathon Loop and Burnpile will be closed this summer for the construction of the new Dogging It Trail being constructed on private land. Thank you to the generous land owner for providing this opportunity.
The Chalet is officially closed

This is the last official trail report. The road is in fairly good condition. Still some potholes to be found. Please drive with caution. We will be updating as news arises.

Sundog (Parhelion) on the Far East 2023 Feb 24 Photo credits to Pat Danforth

If you have anything to report, send me an email at

Snowshoe Trails

The snow is beginning to get soft. Snow shoe trails are heavily used. If navigating the trails, please be cautious to walk in the middle of the trail as sides of trails are soft and you might sink.

It is recommended that you carry a map or download the Larch Hills Trail maps onto Avenza to be able to track your progress.

Green Pond on Bilbo’s Bog snowshoe Trail photo credits Laurel Neufeld

Our snow shoe trails are “User Maintained.” Please carry garden clippers and/or a folding saw and help us keep our trails clear of anything that is impeding progress or may get in someone’s face. 

Report anything you can not deal with to

Our trails are not patrolled. If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own, you may have a long wait for help. Be prepared to look after yourself (extra food, clothing, fire starter, and water).

For more snowshoe trail information visit our Snowshoe page

Non-Groomed Trails and Backcountry;

2023 April 4

Conditions are generally good. An 11 am start will work well until the warmer, wetter weather arrives near the weekend. Take care on the downhill sections of the narrower trails.

A bit of a hole at the bottom of Catamount Canyon due to PistenBully turn this morning.

Stepped back to 50 Years Ago

The Safety bucket is still in place near the bottom of the Summit Trail –  on a stand midway between the junctions with Summit Shortcut and Caribou Memory. There is also a small container with materials for repairing bindings

There are still a few leaners from the snow so carry a saw if you have one.

Catamount Canyon Condos

If you find anything that needs attention please report it: or