Trail Report


Wayne B. and David M. were out again today grooming trails with the skidoo, ginzu groomer, kubota, and drag. They were able to cut and smooth LARCH HILLS ROAD all the way from the chalet to the NORTH HUB, including PLANTATION PLACE, leaving the existing classic track, or when needed, creating a new classic track.

They cut and smoothed COTTONWOOD CUTOFF, but did not set a track. They did 2 passes on REINO’S RUN and ERMINE FROLIC LOOP, putting in a track both ways. They cut and smoothed GULLEN’S GULLEY, leaving the existing track. They did 2 passes on ARWEN’S DREAM and created one new track.

From there they attempted to smooth most of the SOUTH LOOP (no tracks), doing 2 passes via METFORD ROAD, SKYVIEW, SENTINEL, WOODLOT RAMBLE . The snow conditions on this SOUTH LOOP are not very good yet. Much more snow is needed and colder temperatures.

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Please see the LHNS COVID Plan for details on how we plan to mitigate risks during the ski season.

Users assume all risks by continuing to use trails and are discouraged from taking unnecessary risks to avoid burdening health services.

Snowshoe Trails

A downloadable PDF map (including for cell phones) is available on the Larch Hills Map Page here.

Please carry garden clippers to remove any new growth that gets in the way of faces in particular.

Our trails are not patrolled. If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own, you may have a long wait for help. Be prepared to look after yourself (extra food, clothing, fire starter, and water).

For more snowshoe trail information visit our Snowshoe page

Non-Groomed Trails and Backcountry

Thursday 2020 November 26:

The conditions were good today with 4-5 cm of fresh snow. There are now tracks on Deer Bog, Jay Walk, Bruin’s Ramble, and the lower part of Treebeard’s

Friday, Nov 27 Update

The problem on the lower section of Treebeard’s has been fixed.
The rest of Treebeard’s varied from a bit crusty to almost mid-winter
conditions. There are a few bare, wet spots and the crossing of Upper
Violet Creek needs more snow to bridge the water.

Skiing down any of the steep hills is not recommended until there is more snow.

The Thursday Geezers went up The Greenway, Afterthought and White Pine Walk and down Skytrail which like the other groomed trails was in quite good shape.

One of the Geezers skied down Pileated which is not recommended other than for experts. At this time of year it is much safer to ski up Hills and check them out!!

For more information on the backcountry routes summer and winter in the Larch Hills, feel free to contact

View of Lookout Summit from Big Tree Alley Clearcut showing skiers descending
after end of season Barbecue.
The panorama shows the Far East as well as the view through to the Lookout Summit.