Trail Report

Ski Trails

Tuesday December 18, 2018 07:30

Currently it is, what Pauline calls, trying to fat snow. (rainy wet snowflakes) and a  temperature of 2C.    Yesterday the warmer temperatures made for variable conditions throughout the day. In some places it remained around 0 C.  and a bit icy in others the snow was soft and heavy. Prepare for generally good early season skiing conditions with the odd melting patches and fast downhill.  The bogs are open but only packed as there are still soft wet areas.

Yesterday the day groomer with the big machine (PB) groomed the north east loops and for the first time the Whoopees. Grooming conditions were difficult due to constantly changing temperatures. There is a fairly big snow disturbance(hole) at the South Hub when you come down the hill from Reino’s where the machine turned around. The extra gang opened  Townview  and ginzug groomed the south loops.  No plans for grooming today until we get more snow or colder temperatures.   See the grooming report for more details

The road and parking lot have been plowed. Only the lower level of the Chalet is open until the final building inspection is completed today.

Non groomed trails: Very good early season skiing. Expect to break trail after our last snow of Tuesday.  Treebeards was skied up on Sunday, Nov. 24th, and still has a major washout just above the Greenway Connection, so use caution there. The trail has been broken up Greenway (Dec. 15)  where the trail was not broken it was soft snow over a bit of a crust but fairly easy. There is about 40 cm of snow off trail.

Back Country: – Good conditions on Friday with good grip in the PB tracks. Lesser Circle of Clearcut Connection and Sidehill Salmon are tracked out People had also been out White Pine Walk. Much of the snow is still hanging on the trees. There is a crust, so you sink around 10 cm, but the next person may feel the crust on their ski boots. A good year for Moose as there is evidence of 6 or so over the whole hill. Quite a few deer tracks as well.

 The emergency skidoo is behind the Chalet. Please contact us at 250-832-9804 or if there are hazard trees and/or blockages on any trails.

Snowshoe Trails

December 9, 2018

Yesterday a group of 10,  snowshoed from the Chalet past the magical pond (Bilbo’s Bog). We went up Gullan’s Gully (last week there was open water) no open water today, frozen in all locations, in need of more snow when crossing some of the downed trees. After lunch at the South Hub we returned, breaking trail on the Interpretivetive trail, back to Moose and the Chalet. We all enjoyed ourselves.Snow is still thin near the Chalet, but good snow shoeing is available a short way up hill.  Thank you John Moslin for your trail report.

There is running water on Easy Peasy, but it is by passable with a little care.

Most of the lower trails have had some snowshoe activity up to the South Hub.

All of our bogs have open water in them and with the colder weather might be used with caution. Please report your trail experience, especially in the bogs so we ca post it.

Please view this year’s map here.

This Year’s Changes
  • We have a new easy, short, loop trail close to the Chalet. Stuby, starts near the beginning of the Bilbos Bog Trail, then, via a short new section near the old chalet site, joins Lucy for a connection back to Bilbos Bog Trail.
  • The old Chalet site is a good access to our snow shoe trails with a dog.
  • Except for Coffey’s Climb and Temptation, all of our trails can be traveled as loops.
  • Basic back country winter survival gear</strong such as water, food and extra warm clothing are essential on our longer more remote trails that are less frequently used, especially Mom’s Loop and Coffey’s Climb.

Note: White signs indicate skiing trails. Yellow signs indicate snow shoe trails. Please avoid the skiing trails as snow shoe tracks can cause hazards for skiers.

Our trails need your help. Our trails are volunteer and user maintained. Please carry pruners or a small folding saw with which to assist us in trail maintenance. Please help us all by removing any small obstacles obstructing your trail, and notify us of problems you can’t handle. In particular remove branches that may poke someone in the face. For large trees blocking a trail – create a trail around if possible, or remove branches to make going over or under easier and report it.

The emergency skidoo is behind the Chalet. Please contact us at 250-832-9804 or if there are hazard trees and/or blockages on any trails.

For more info see the Snow Shoeing page.