Trail Report

**NOTICE: Jackrabbits had their last lesson March 6. Jr. Ski Team will be up next Saturday at 10 am until 12 noon.

EARLY MORNING REPORT for Sunday, March 7 – 7:00 am Currently +0.1 degrees. No new snow overnight. Track setter will be taking the Ginzu groomer out this morning. Road crews have not been up yet this morning. Take care with the rutts on the road. With warmer temperatures during the day and freezing overnight, the parking lot is a bit icy. Please use caution.

Sunday, March 7, 8:00 AM:

Dave, who is working on grooming the trails this morning, is using the smaller ginzu groomer, so you will not see blue markers on the grooming conditions map. He is “cutting” and smoothing the centre lanes to make them much safer. His proposed trails will be (at least) Larch Hills Road , Plantation Place , then up LH road to the North Hub and then down Sky Trail, then the South Trails. It will not be difficult to see what trails were done by observing the looser, combed surface.

The weather information that is shown on this website is from sensors in the vicinity of the chalet. Of course, as you go further up the hill the temperatures will decrease. This is why, in most cases, grooming and skiing conditions improve as you go further North.

Once again, I advise skiers to follow the trails that were groomed today for much safer, less icy skiing conditions. As the day passes, warm temperatures will probably affect even the freshly groomed trails. And again, the higher, more northerly trails will be better.

To see an exact list or a map of these groomed trails, just click “Grooming Report“. The color codes (green, yellow, red) on the map indicate how recently the grooming was done and the “list view” indicates the exact dates they were groomed.

If you have anything to report, send me an email at

Check out this video that Margaret Hardy was able to take a couple of days ago, if you don’t believe snowmen can ski: (Just copy it and paste it in your browser.)

Peter Mair (Inuit name “Miska”), built this igloo on Bilbo’s Bog, on Saturday, February 20.



Adults are restricted from skiing or visiting in groups of more than 4. Please remain 3 Metres distance from each other.

Youth programs at Larch Hills operate under the guidelines of the Provincial Health Office. Children under the age of 19 are still permitted to gather for sport.


Please see the LHNS COVID Plan for details on how we plan to mitigate risks during the ski season.

Users assume all risks by continuing to use trails and are discouraged from taking unnecessary risks to avoid burdening health services.

Snowshoe Trails

All of our trails are open. Our snow shoe trails are “User Maintained.” Please carry garden clippers and/or a folding saw and help us keep our trails clear of anything that is impeding progress or may get in someone’s face.  Report anything you can not deal with to

All trails appear to be very well used.  In term’s of “Pristine bogs”, Frodo’s Bog is a little further to walk to and well worth the effort. There are some trees that will need to be removed next Spring on Lucy and Stumpy, but a path has been cleared to get through.

Trail Maps are located at the beginning and end of our trails. A free downloadable PDF map ( for cell phones) is available on the Larch Hills Map Page here.

Our trails are not patrolled. If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own, you may have a long wait for help. Be prepared to look after yourself (extra food, clothing, fire starter, and water).

For more snowshoe trail information visit our Snowshoe page

Non-Groomed Trails and Backcountry;

Friday, 2021, March 5:

A reminder to use caution on any steep slopes as the unstable layers mentioned earlier will still be below the new snow.

Just recently there have been broken bones and dislocations on the icy conditions in places on Trackset and Non Trackset Trails, so use extreme caution if you are skiing!! A couple of icy bumps on Squirrel Run were treacherous!

Todays massive temperature inversion will change conditions on the Hill. I won’t be doing very much Back Country skiing from this point on, so others will have to provide information for this page.

Definitely spring skiing now, with the best conditions in the cool mornings. More new snow may be coming and that will help, but be prepared with something to release the sticky snow from your skis. Still powder beyond the North Hub, but it will change. Some signs of melting from the March Sun and then freezing at night, but still very little crust as of Wednesday.

Trackset trails to get to the back country will be variable as well, depending on the tracksetting of the day. They were great Wednesday, but watch for the transition from shade to sun and the sudden stop later in the day!!

If you go skiing and have any information that would be useful to other skiers, feel free to send it to the email below or the Main email contacts.

Carrying a folding saw can help you deal with some of the small trees that may be in your way. Still some snow on the trees, and warming weather or wind may bring it off, so watch for snow bombs. Big ones if you are among the big trees, so be careful!

Back Country Groups should ski in groups of 2 to 4 and maintain 3 metres of distance. Always carry sufficient safety supplies. If you need assistance with possible routes use the email below. Make note of the emergency number for LHNS 250 833 5467 and carry one of their water proof maps and emergency numbers sheets.

Download the free Avenza Map on the Website to know exactly where you are in the Ski Area. Does not need cell service to work. You can record your own connections on it!

Use caution skiing down any of the steep Back Country hills. If you don’t know the terrain, it is ALWAYS SAFER TO GO UP!! Remember side stepping is safer, until you can ski under control.

For more information on the backcountry routes summer and winter in the Larch Hills, feel free to contact

View of Lookout Summit from Big Tree Alley Clearcut showing skiers descending
after end of season Barbecue.
The panorama shows the Far East as well as the view through to the Lookout Summit.