Ski Trails –  

 April 7 update: there will be some day grooming today if conditions allow. Regular grooming had been suspended for the season but as conditions change we will review grooming conditions. Spring skiing is still good but expect variable conditions.Prepositioned safety equipment has been removed. The emergency snowmobile and sled are still behind the Chalet. Careful at the start of Lower Edgar Rd. as there are some serious pot holes as you leave the pavement.

Non groomed trails: Feb. 23- There are trees of all sizes down on most of the trails. Caution should be used when going downhill. Some clearing has been done but quite a bit of it will have to wait for summer. All the trails above the South Hub, are passable and the skiing conditions are good. 

Back Country: Mar 29-  (Report by Blaine C.)  conditions continue to be very good with a huge base and a good crust on top but conditions can vary a great deal depending on sunshine and the time of day. Conditions under big trees can be very icy but on trails through the younger plantations it is not usually a problem, although there are often trees buried by the heavy earlier snow. Big views are found out on the Clearcuts, Larch Hills’ Alpine, but if you want more control, wait until later in the day as the air temperature will do the tracksetting for you. Expect conditions to change with the weather!

Please take care and contact us if there are hazard trees and blockages.  You can contact 250 832-9804 or  This trail report will be updated as needed.

Snowshoe Trails

Winter 2017-18

February 2018 – All of our snow shoe trails are packed out and appear to be well used.

Note: White signs indicate xc trails. Yellow signs indicate snow shoe trails.

A new and updated geo referenced Snow Shoe trail map is on-line – see link below.

Our trails need your help. Our trails are volunteer and user maintained. Please carry pruners or a small folding saw with which to assist us in trail maintenance.

All last year’s snow shoe trails have been brushed and had summer windfalls removed and signs checked and replaced if needed.

Recent snowfalls have bent small trees onto our trails, weighted larger branches down, or occasionally caused a large tree to fall, blocking a trail. Please help us all by removing any small obstacles obstructing your trail, and notify us of problems you can’t handle.

In particular remove branches that may poke someone in the face. For large trees blocking a trail – create a trail around if possible, or remove branches to make going over or under easier and report it.

We have lots of snow on the ground. Snow shoeing is good.

Changes this Year

  • Bail Out has been reactivated with a minor change.
  • Easy Peasy has been reactivated with a significant change, but still close and easy.
  • We have a new easy, short loop trail Stuby, Lucy, at the beginning of the Bilbos Bog and joining the Canine Multi-use Trail at the old chalet site. It is beside the groomed trail for a short distance uphill to Lucy
  • The old Chalet site is a good access to our snow shoe trails with a dog.
  • Except for Coffey’s Climb and Temptation, all of our trails can be traveled as loops.
  • Basic back country winter survival gear of water, food and extra warm clothing are essential on our longer more remote trails that are less frequently used, especially Moms Loop and Coffey’s Climb.

For more info see the Snow Shoeing page or see the Snowshoe Trails Map.

Contact us if there are hazard trees and blockages. You can contact 250 832-9804 or