PistenBully 400 Campaign

Make Tracks!

With the goal of consistent, high quality grooming, Larch Hills Nordic Society is raising funds to replace our aging 2007 PB Edge with a new PB 400.  With age, comes additional repairs and maintenance costs are rising.

The estimated cost of the new grooming machine is around $600, 000.

The club plans to apply for a BC Capital Gaming Grant in August 2023.  With the savings we have already set aside for tracksetter replacement ($162 K) and the trade-in value of our current machine (~$65 K), we need to fundraise an additional $70, 000 in order to apply for matching funds through this grant.

To successfully reach our goal the the funds would be in place to order a new machine in December 2023. 

The Snowcat Details:   

•    PistenBully 400

•    Vastly improved environmental efficiencies with EUROMOT IV A/TIER 4 exhaust emissions standards

•    Increased operating efficiency = more trails groomed in less time

•    New tiller will greatly improve grooming quality to better serve our membership

•    Improved reliability with less down-time

•    Reduced annual maintenance and replacement costs

Run Efficient   –   Run Smart   –   Run Clean


  • Abbigail May
  • George Jackson
  • John Thielman
  • Peter Rizzi
  • Rob Hart
  • William Prytula