While primarily a cross-country ski area, the Larch Hills trails are also used in Summer. When the snow melts, many of the groomed trails become logging roads while the rest become grass covered. Our winter single track trails are clear and suitable for family/beginner use. Biking, hiking, and equestrian use are all popular options. Do note that our snow shoe trails are not designed for mountain biking. Snow shoe trails close to the chalet are good hiking trails – others farther out are do-able but not cleaned up for hiking. There are no summer use trail fees, but those wishing to camp overnight still need reservations. View our facilities rental page for more information. We are located 20 km from Salmon Arm.

late day skiing

Please see our summer trail use ratings. These can be correlated with the maps on the maps page as the trail signs stay up year-round. While most of the trails are not very technical for mountain biking, the 38km Larch Hills Traverse does pass through the trail system on its way from South Canoe to Sicamous.

Our gravel roads are suitable for motorized use. Several of the side trails are designated as non-motorized due to the wetlands. However, other than for family usage, we encourage off road motorized users to seek out the thousands of kilometres of roads, quad tracks and motorcycle trails in other parts of the Shuswap.

Single track trails are very soft and wet in the spring and are best avoided until all the snow is gone and there has been dry weather.

We have corrals adjacent to the our chalet and lots of water for horses. They are available for rent along with our Chalet and Cec’s Cabin. Please view our facilities rental page for more information.

For more info on other outdoor trails and activities in the area, please visit the Shuswap Trails website at http://www.shuswaptrails.com/index.php and the Shuswap Tourism website at http://shuswaptourism.ca/

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