Track Setters

2007 Edge
2007 PB Edge
Liaison Director/ Contact person

Ed Bouma 250-832-9804

Liaison Co-Director

Jim Nadler – 778-489-2273 or

Day Groomers Coordinator – Steve Raffel

Extra Gang Coordinators – Ed Bouma/Jim Nadler

Track Setters and Support Volunteers

Al Hardy, Bent Kristensen, Blaine Carson, Brian Dollack, Brian Sansom, Craig McBride, Dave Brubaker, Diane Mayes, Ernie Whitehead, George Jackson, Gord Carter, Jeremy Ayotte, Jerry Hutter, Jim Ellis, John Thielman, Mike Dobbin, Peter Conron, Phil Wallensteen, Rob Despault, Rob Hart, Wayne Buchanan.

Volunteer Tracksetters

The above noted Tracksetters are a dedicated and talented team of volunteers who are out every day of the week using either the snowmobiles and/or the 2007 PB Edge.

Our Track Setters of the Day are responsible for the operations on their day.

The Extra Gang are volunteers who assist with the maintenance and grooming of our trails using snowmobiles to groom the narrow trails.

If you are interested in helping

  • Mechanical interest, driving skill, and the ability to work in a team environment are needed.
  • Cross Country Ski experience and a flexible schedule are also desirable.
  • The time commitment is a minimum of one day a week during the ski season.
  • Schedule adjustments can be accommodated, as we are all volunteers, and can be flexible.
  • Training records and logs on all machines are maintained.
  • To use a chainsaw as a volunteer, you must have taken a chainsaw course and wear safety equipment
  • Some track setting is done every day to ensure people have a freshly groomed surface if that is what they wish. This means, we rotate from the Central trails to the North and to the South with at least one-third of the system being done each day.
  • Dead-end Trails such as South Canoe, which is a multi-use area, the Far East, and the Thielman Ski Out are done only after the major loops in the Central, North and South are completed.
  • New in 2012 was the conversion of a short existing, fairly level trail, Sunshine, to an out and back trackset Canine trail from the Parking Lot. The old non-trackset canine trail half way up the Hill is still used and several skiers use multi-purpose South Canoe for skijoring or for skiing close to Salmon Arm.

LHNS Snow Grooming Equipment

PB Edge

In the Summer of 2013, the PB 200 was traded for a 2007 PB Edge. This fully reconditioned and inspected machine sets a comparable footprint to the PB 200 which was used from 2005 to 2013. It sets a 14.8′ wide track with 2 or 3 classic tracks and a skating surface in the middle.

Scandic Snowmobiles

Bought in 1996, this light, fast, wide-tracked 1997 snowmobile has been a workhorse. Now used primarily as a medical emergency machine with our first aid toboggans, it has also been used for a hauling a sled, tracksetting, early packing, and in a support role for Club Events where it moves people and items around the trails.

In the Fall of 2008 a bigger, stronger 2009 4-cycle Scandic was bought and paired with a Ginzu Groomer to set a surface for classic or skating. It provides a backup for the PB and also allows us to groom the narrower trails such as Town View and Tom’s Shelter.

In the Fall of 2014, a third snowmobile, a 2015 4-cycle Scandic, was purchased which allows us to have 3 machines out at once. This enhances the safety of our operators and allows for quicker grooming.

In 2015 two more snowmobiles were donated to LHNS consisting of a 2006 2-cycle Scandic and 2008 4-cycle. We will use these machines as training and special event transportation units.

LHNS Tracksetter History

Our trails are maintained by the Larch Hills Nordic Society (LHNS) and the Shuswap Outdoors Club! (SO!) through agreements with Forestry and Recreation and BC Parks.

  • Logging roads and skid trails have been the base for our trail system since the beginning
  • Approximately 50K of trails is machine track set and approximately another 100K is non-trackset
  • SO! started skiing in Larch Hills in 1973-74 and organized the first actual paid trail work in 1976-77.
  • In 1980-81 SO! helped purchase our first machine, a Twin Track Alpine. From the beginning, people volunteered themselves or their equipment to work on our trails.
  • In 1997 Erik Olson donated one day’s cat work to provide more skating trails.
  • In 1998 woodlot owner Glen Ritchie provided us with the South Loops.
  • In 2003 a Forestry Initiative grant through Federated Co-op provided $10,000 for Larry Scott, a cat operator, to begin major work on our trails. In 2005, LHNS widened trails for the new Pisten Bully and now has a yearly budget for trail work.
  • In 2005 the first snow shoe trails were started and they now extend to both Bogs and to Cec’s Cabin about a 4 hour round trip on snowshoes.
  • In 2009 Curt Olson, owner of the neighbouring Woodlot, assisted us by providing machine access out to Town View, and down to South Canoe in 2010.
  • In 2012 Tolko logging provided a connection to the Far East and in 2013 created new roads and views beyond the North Hub. Approvals for connections to existing back country trails are in progress.
  • In addition to our budgeted maintenance, LHNS programs such as Adopt-a-Trail, Take Back the Hills, yearly clipping and pruning, mowing by Caretaker Pauline, and more recently, High Branch pruning, all help to keep our trails in good shape.
  • The Shuswap Trail Alliance maintains a trail issue reporting system to help us keep on top of trail problems.
  • Since 2009 BC Parks and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources has been working with LHNS and SO! and the Shuswap Trail Alliance to control summer access to sensitive habitat through gates, stiles and concrete barricades


Many thanks to our members, to our fund raisers, to our individual donors, and to our Treasurers and Executives who ensure our equipment is kept in good repair and can be replaced when needed! We are also grateful to the Trimmers who help keep branches and bending trees off our trails.

If you would like to help, contact Ed Bouma via email at, at his home phone of 250-832-9804 or his cell phone of 250-804-3113.