Adopt A Trail

For many years, people would adopt a trail which they would keep clear over the summer. Unfortunately, the program has mostly died out. This page is kept here in recognition of people’s efforts and with the hope that someone will take on organization of it.


Trail Name Trail Adopted By
Stig’s Loop Ken Angle
Ermine Frolic Jim & Marcia Beckner
Frodo’s Bog Blaine & Judy Carson Family
Cottonwood Cutoff Dave & Terry Wallensteen Family
Hot Shot John & Joyce Henderson
Jay Walk Doug & Hannah McKay
Gullan’s Gulley Gullan Hansen
Plantation Place Peter Molnar & PaulineWaelti
East Dales Hermann & Louise Bruns Family
Alder Lane Mick & Sue Ford
Bruin’s Ramble  
Larch Lake Loop George & Jeanetta Zorn
Larch Hills Rd (Cec’s Cabin-N. Hub-to Alder Lane) Liz & Rob Johnson
Larch Hills Rd (S. Hub to Cec’s Cabin)  
Baby Moonwalk  
Willow Switch  
Mom’s Trail  
Reino’s Run  
Sky Trail  
Bilbo’s Bog
Devil’s Lunge Abbi & Brian May Family
Chalet Loop  
Camel’s Hump  
Jackrabbit Lane  
Medford Road  
Woodlot Ramble  
Roller Coaster  
Credit Union Express  
Marathon Loop  
Heartbreak Hill  
Theilman’s Ski Out