Volunteer Safety Hosts Program

To over 1400 LHNS Club members and Visitors Larch Hills offers over 57 km of track-set trails, 114 km of non track-set trails and 17 km of snowshoe trails spread out over a 3000 hectare area for all levels of fitness and adventure.

  • Our Club’s Safety Host Volunteer service time while skiing is NOT scheduled. We do NOT systematically patrol the 188 km of Larch Hills trails.  WE DO COME PREPARED  to respond to an emergency if called upon by cell phone or in person.
  • 14 LHNS Safety Host Volunteers offer LHNS members a service: we aim to quickly and appropriately respond to the needs of an injured skier or snowshoer – primarily but not exclusively on Larch Hills track set trails.  We are trained in the use of the Club’s snowmobiles, rescue toboggans, SKED and the new full body splint.
  • Many of us have current WorkSafe B.C. Occupational First Aid Level 1 or higher level first aid and Transportation Endorsement training and certification.  Safety Hosts wear a Hi-Vis Yellow Arm Band with a white cross on a red background while skiing to identify ourselves.
  • We use the Safety Host Sign In – Sign Out board located on the Kiosk Sign Board across from the Chalet to indicate to fellow skiers that we are on the trails skiing with our cell phones turned on – ready to respond.
Safety Host Arm Band – we wear an arm band when we’re skiing to be visible to fellow Larch Hills Skiers

Do you understand how LHNS Safety Host Volunteers may be able to help you in an emergency?   Contact a Safety Host if you would like to participate in a mock rescue or receive instructions using a rescue toboggan or other information.

Dec. 21, 2018 Safety Hosts Training Session – checking LHNS Emergency Response Snowmobile.
Left to Right: Craig McB., Keith C., Ernie W., Doug N., Ed B. (seated), Wayne P., Wayne B., Jim H.