Welcome to the 2018/2019 season!

Volunteer Coaches!

We are looking for more volunteers to coach this year as we have lost some of our coaches from last year. Even if you are not an avid cross country skier, you can still coach. Many parents or guardians start as coaches when their child is in Bunnies, as each child is required to have a guardian with them at each lesson anyway. The commitment is very minimal, but every year we turn away some skiers because we don’t have enough coaches.

If you are interested in coaching, please follow the Coaches link below on the left side of this page.

Click Here for Coaches Information


If you are new to the program or have questions, many are answered on our FAQ. Click Here for the FAQ


Registration will open October 1, 2018. Please register early as the program will fill up quickly.

Jackrabbits registration cost is $37 before Nov 1. and $42 after Nov 1.
The deadline is November 20, 2018 (or when the program is full).

Registration for Jackrabbits is part of the general LHNS registration which is done online at Zone4.ca. You will be contacted by your group leader prior to the first session.

Read below, and then click zone4 link to Register!

Fees and Zone4 Registration Instructions

When registering on Zone4, you will work your way thorough a series of web pages. This is confusing at first.
Part 1: Register your family for the Larch Hills Nordic Society membership, or an individual if only your child will be skiing ($190/family or $95 for an individual)).
Part 2: Enter the information for each member of your family.  Only select the Jackrabbits or Ski Team option when you are entering your child’s information. The cost for Jackrabbits is $37/child before Nov. 1st or $42/child between November 1st and 20th. Each member of the family will also have to pay a CCC and CCBC membership fee of $19. 
Sample Calculation:
Here is a sample calculation of the fees for one family with two adults, two children in Jackrabbits and one on the ski team:
LHNS Family Membership: $190
CCBC/CCC fees: 5 people X $19/person = $95
Jackrabbit fees: 2 children X $37 = $74
Ski team fees: 1 child = $100
Total fees: $459

Lesson Dates

Regular Jack Rabbit lessons for 2018/19 will run on the following Saturdays:
December 15,29.
January 5, 12, 26.
February 2, 9, 16, 23

No lesson Dec 22 due to many coaches being away.
No lesson Jan 19th due to the Reino-Keski-Salmi Loppet at Larch Hills (Jackrabbits are encouraged to participate).

The Larch Hills Fun Day will be on Feb 23rd.

There will also be some optional Wednesday lesson for some of the levels. Jackrabbits will be notified by their coaches if the Wednesday lessons are available to them). 

Lesson Times

Lessons run from 10:30 – 11:30 for the bunnies, 10:30 – 11:45 for levels 1,2 and 10:30 – 12:00 for levels 3,4. Please be there 15 minutes early to allow time to gear up and find your group. Late arrivals mean others get cold waiting to start.


Cancellations are made if there’s not enough snow or if the temperature is -12 Celsius. On cold days we will make a decision at 8:30am and have the coaches email the groups as to whether or not jackrabbits will go ahead.

Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet

January 19, 2019 is the Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet All Jackrabbits can participate in the loppet at no extra charge. Please do not register Jackrabbits for the loppet on Zone4 or you will have to pay for their registration fee. Coaches will be asking their skiers whether or not they would like to participate in the loppet.


If you have questions that aren’t answered on the website, please contact Luke Heckrodt or Julie Lewis at lhjackrabbits@gmail.com

Parental Involvement

Our ski program is entirely dependent on volunteers. Please plan to volunteer at least once during the eight ski sessions. Check with your leader for sign-up. Also, we are always in need of Jackrabbit coaches. Please contact one of the organizers if you are interested. Each week a different group will serve hot chocolate, so we will need parent volunteers for that.

TAX RECEIPTS – Child Fitness Tax Credits

Please note that once you have completed your registration there will be a link at the bottom of the page for tax receipts.  Please save or print the pdf document as tax forms will not be mailed out this year. (Please note according to the Government of Canada Website: “The child must have been under 16 years of age or under 18 years of age if eligible for the disability amount at the beginning of the year in which an eligible fitness expense was paid.”)

According to the Government of Canada, “The children’s fitness tax credit, including the supplement for children with disabilities, will be eliminated for 2017 and later tax years.” so you do not have to worry about printing off the tax receipts.


Poor equipment, equipment that doesn’t fit, or skis that are poorly prepared for the snow conditions may lead to a negative ski experience that can have a lasting impression on a child. – CCBC Ski League, Leader Manual. Please acquire suitable equipment for your children. Good equipment is an investment in a positive, fun learning experience and it retains its re-sale value.

Frostbite and Hypothermia

Be prepared. The chances of frostbite and hypothermia are forever present. Frostbite occurs when the body’s extremities (fingers, toes, ears) freeze. Body parts exposed to wind and wet, and cold temperatures, combined with constrictive clothing or boots, greatly contribute to frostbite. Being cold, wet, tired, and hungry, or a combination of these, can cause hypothermia. Children are more at risk as they are less able to retain body heat in cold temperatures. BE PREPARED.


Layering is recommended. It is good to wear a nice insulating layer, then a fleece coat or sweater and then a windbreaker. If it is really cold, one may want to add an extra fleece layer. Always bring a toque. It is better than an attached hood because if a child takes off their winter coat, then they still have head protection. Mitts are a must for Jackrabbits.


Children can get really hungry out on the trails. Take along some snacks in your pockets. And, be sure to bring a mug for hot chocolate up in the chalet after the lesson.

Trail Etiquette

Good trail etiquette makes skiing more enjoyable for all. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. During recreational skiing, slower skiers yield to the right when being passed. Faster skiers should call out ‘track’ when approaching slower skiers, and should pass on the left.
  2. If you need to stop, or if you fall, move off the trail to allow clear passage for other skiers.
  3. If at all possible, step over the track that has been set.
  4. Do not litter. Whatever you pack in, please pack out.

This Season

See our events page for many fun family events!

Family Fun

Joining our cross-country ski program is lots of fun. We encourage you to pack a lunch and have a family ski once lessons are completed. Enjoy your time up here in these beautiful Larch Hills.