Trail Lighting Project

Thank You for your donations and the volunteer support!

Phases One and Two of the Lighting Project are now operational during the following hours: Dusk to 10pm, 5:30am to Dawn, Daily.

Here is a link to the map (red and purple loops operational, green and blue loops ready for 2022/23 season)

Approvals received for an additional 7 lights on Gullans connecting Ermine and Arwen’s also to be ready for 2022/23 season – here is the link to Phase 5 map.

Larch Hills Nordic Society is raising funds to install over 6 km of LED trail lighting at Larch Hills Recreation Area.  Thanks to some substantial grants that we have received and the continued generosity of our donors the Society has currently raised approximately $600,000 towards the project, which is very close to covering all four phases.  We have completed Phases One and Two for the 2021/22 ski season.  We have received Section 57 approval to proceed with construction of Phases Three and Four and Five which will begin in the late spring of 2022 and be ready prior to the 2022/23 ski season. Please see the Project Brief and the Documents section of this page for further details about this project.

Thank you to all for your generous support!  Happy Skiing!

As of November 2021


If you have any concerns or would like to become involved in this initiative, please contact us at


With a Charitable Donation Tax Receipt

Tax receipts are available for donations done via Nordiq Canada (formerly Cross Country Canada). To donate online, please visit

If you’d prefer to donate via cheque, you may fill out and mail the donation form. Please note that Nordiq Canada has requested cheque donations to be of $1,000 or more – while they will process smaller donations, online is preferred for those of this size.

Directly to Us

If you don’t need a tax receipt and want to donate via cheque, you can mail a cheque payable Larch Hills Nordic Society re: Trail Lighting Project to us at Larch Hills Nordic Society, P.O. Box 218, Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 4N3.

Donor Recognition

Donations of $50 or more will receive increasing recognition levels based on the total donation. Please see the Donor Recognition section located at the end of the Project Brief for more details.


Press Releases

Committee Members

  • Randi Ostby
  • Rob van Varseveld
  • Craig McBride
  • Jeff Orchard
  • Duncan Moore


  • Duncan Moore
  • Meghan Begley
  • Ray and Birte Ostby
  • Leona Orchard
  • Pat Hutchins
  • Chris Parfitt
  • Kevin Gooden
  • Doug Jackson
  • Derek Daudrich
  • Cindy Derkaz
  • A Hermann Kerr
  • Nan M Dickie
  • Suzy and Kevin Beckner
  • Heather Nash
  • Erin Ferguson
  • Integral Forest Management
  • Gary Brooke and Sunni Berger
  • Rob and Ingrid vanVarseveld
  • Kerry Miller
  • CCBC – Matching Funds
  • Reforestation Technologies
  • Forsite Consultants
  • The Armstrong Land Corp
  • Abbi and Brian May
  • Randi Ostby and Duncan Moore
  • CCBC
  • Lakeshore Physiotherapy
  • Dr. Brian Broadwell
  • Tekmar
  • LH Jr. Race Team
  • Kraft Heinz Ltd
  • LHNS
  • RDNO
  • Shuswap Community Foundation
  • Kathy Moleschi
  • Tim and Mhairi Bollans
  • Robert Korda
  • Randy from Quickturn Production Machining (QPM)
  • Laura Duncan
  • Leona and Kerry Orchard
  • Birte Ostby
  • Birte Ostby
  • Kevin and Suzanne Beckner
  • Ivor Norlin
  • Ivan Hartling
  • Callum Reid
  • Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Cory & Karen Neil
  • Kate Pieper
  • Rob & Marilee Hart
  • George Alison
  • Kim MacMillan
  • Fiona Fleming
  • Stephen Williams
  • Sue & Derek Guild-Prout
  • Barbara Connell
  • Gail Clayton
  • Indira Greenhough
  • Gerda Seiz
  • Gary Butler
  • Marijke Dake
  • Kirsten Earl
  • Cindy Findlay
  • Rob and Liz Johnston
  • Eleanor and Tom Marshall
  • Ruth Brighouse
  • Peter Molnar
  • Robert Korda
  • Frank Bristol
  • Carmen Fennell
  • Cameron Brown
  • Christine Parsons
  • Martha Oliver McBride
  • Antje & Dirk Breugem
  • Shawn Pol
  • Marley Fabro
  • Kathy and family Moleschi
  • Julie Lewis
  • Marta Bukmeier
  • Robert Albricht
  • Laura Tayler-Hanson
  • Hermann Kerr
  • Margaret Tayler
  • Interfor Forest Products
  • Canoe Forest Products/Gorman Brothers