Several of our maps are geo-referenced and can be used on cell phones and tablets. Entries that contain “Click for QR Code” are geo-referenced, otherwise they are normal PDFs. All can be opened with Adobe Reader (available here) on your computer or with software such as Avenza on your phone or tablet.

Please Note: Avenza has updated their apps and there is now a limit of three maps that you can have on your device. There is an upgrade option available, but it is extremely pricey. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a decent cheap alternative. If someone finds one, please contact us at

With an iPhone or iPad, you can download the maps into Avenza by following the instructions here. For Android devices, please click here.

For a tutorial on downloading more maps from GeoBC, using Avenza with Dropbox, and navigating within Avenza, please click here.

Winter Use

Summer Use

Cell Coverage Maps

This map is from December 2016 and is applicable to Telus, Bell, Virgin, and Koodoo. Rogers and Fido use different towers and we haven’t tested them. At the very least, you should have emergency call coverage in these areas. They are also geo-referenced. For more safety tips, please visit our Safety Hosts page.

Google Earth Overlay

The free Google Earth software available at is needed to use this overlay.  To best see the Larch Hills relief, set the vertical exaggeration to ‘3’ . To do this, click on Tools/Options in Google Earth’s settings.

Thanks to Silvatech Consulting Ltd. and Terratech Consulting Ltd. for their work on the above map.