Elementary Schools Ski Host Program

Larch Hills Nordics Society (LHNS) volunteers are keen to provide an opportunity for School District #83 elementary school students and their teachers to gain familiarity with the Larch Hills trails through the LHNS School Ski Host Program.

Up to three (3) ski sessions are available to each participating school class, usually one session per week.  We aim for about 10 students per Ski Host Volunteer.

Membership in LHNS is not required for students or teachers, but there is a cost of $25/class. Payment will be by credit card, cash, or cheque. Online registration will begin in December 2020 on Zone4 with a limit on the number of classes per day due to COVID.

The School Ski Host Program began in January 2009. Students, Teachers and Larch Hills Volunteers have participated each January since 2009.
The number of young smiling skiers enjoying the Larch Hills trails continues to grow!

In January 2019, 455 students (528 students last year) from 9 local schools were hosted by 38 Larch Hills Nordics Volunteers for 1223 student visits (1216 student visits last year).
Thanks to Program Coordinator and Larch Hills Volunteer Ski Hosts for enabling an increase in student ski visits to Larch Hills.

Thank you to these 25 Larch Hills Nordics Volunteers for hosting Jan. – March 2021 School visits:

Many schools participate in bringing their classes to experience the trails and are very appreciative of the volunteers who commit their time to provide this wonderful opportunity.  This year (2021) the time commitment has stretched out into March due to COVID concerns and colder temperatures.  These wonderful volunteers have willingly agreed to step up and roll with the challenges.  This season has seen 34 class visits totaling approximately 910 children and 31 hosts needed. 
A big Thank You to Antje Breugem for organizing scheduling of classes and appropriate number of safety hosts and to Megan Weir and George Zorn for their committee work.  Of course none of these experiences would happen without the willingness of our volunteers:

Tom & Eleanor Marshall, Marcia & Jim Beckner, John & Leslie Wilson
Elizabeth Eso & Dennis Charbonneau, Brian & Eva Smith
Pat Danforth, Val & Barb Heckrodt, Lorne Hunter, Jeff Chesham,
Kerry Miller, Peter & Pauline Molnar, Guido Reichlin,
Beth & Rob Savage, Kirsten Earl, Reinhard Liebich, George & Jeanetta Zorn

December 1, 2020: Bookings for Volunteer Ski Host sessions are CLOSED for the January 2021 LHNS Schools Ski Host Program. Click on Zone4 Link below.

Larch Hills Elementary School Program | Zone4 Online Registration


If you have questions or to sign up for Ski Host sessions please contact :
Antje Breugem at antjebreugem2@gmail.com and/ or 250 803 0312 (home) 250 517 0133 (cell)