10KM Recreational

Start: 10:10 AM

FOR ALL AGES: This is the recreational entry point for the Loppet. It is frequently skied by those over age 13 looking for a transitional distance between the 5km and 17km, by beginner adults, and by young families who wish to compete together. The R10 follows the main loppet route up Metford Rd., over Bilbo’s Bog, around Ermine Frolic, up Reino’s Run and Cottonwood Cutoff through the south hub to the upper aid station on Larch Hills Rd. At this point, the main loppet continues up Larch Hills Rd. while the R10 effectively circles the aid station to the right and keeps right (to avoid going across Frodo’s Bog) bringing you back to the south hub. Head down Larch Hills Road and rejoin the main loppet by turning right on Gullan’s Gully. Turn left on Hot Shot, left on Ermine Frolic and then right down Larch Hills Rd approaching the start/finish stadium. Avoid the lap lane by keeping left and going through the Dark Trail to the finish lane.

Download the 2019 R10 Map PDF