Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet

2022 Sunday, January 16 – Sunday, January 30

The Reino Keski Salmi Loppet is back to the Classic event January 14, 2023!

Recreational: 10 km, 17 km, 30 km

Competitive: 5 km, 10 km, 17 km, 34 km

Registration for the 39th annual Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet will be available on Zone 4 shortly!

Please remember that this event is in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

To donate please go here:

SAFETY: Ski in control down hills and be safe! Ski with a buddy and make sure someone knows you are out there and when to expect you back.

MEMBERSHIP OR DAY USE TICKET REQUIRED: You must be a member for the 2022/23 season or pay for a day use ticket and sign in to use the Larch Hills trails.

MAPS: Details on the route and downloadable maps can be found on the right side of this page.

The cell phone coverage map can be found here (sizable areas of no coverage around CEC’s cabin and the South Hub):

Emergency: Call 250-833-LHNS (250-833-5467) or 9-1-1 (90 min response time) 


Reino Keski-Salmi Loppet