Larch Hills Skeezers

The “Skeezers” are a group of active, mostly retired, men and women (most are members of the LHNS) who will meet during the ski season, on Tuesday mornings, at 10:00  at the  Larch Hills Chalet. During Covid times we may stay in our cars until just before 10:00, then meet elsewhere in the Start Area above the Chalet. Distancing will be the norm.

Our intention is to explore as many of the Larch Hills groomed and ungroomed trails as we can over the season.  Each trip will be  an approximate 50/50 mix of each.  We should be done in three hours or by 3:00 pm. Sometimes we may visit Sovereign Lake, Revelstoke or some other destination.

I have found that 59mm wide skis glide well in our set tracks without binding on the sides (the track mold is 60mm). They also have enough float for light backcountry use.  Big basket poles are a necessity for ungroomed single track and deep snow.

On all outings, distancing will be practised and masks may be needed – as directed by Public Health.  

Folding saws or loppers are useful as winter snowfalls often require a bit of cleaning up.

Intermediate classic ski skills and moderate fitness are suggested. This is not Loppet training.

Normal emergency supplies of fire starter, food, water, extra clothing etc that will keep you warm in the snow are recommended as many of the trails are hard to reach in an emergency. Larch Hills single tracks are considered wilderness skiing.

Visitors are welcome.

For more information contact Clint Smith: