Facility Rentals

Chalet and Cec's Cabin Bookings

Those wishing to rent the Chalet or Cec’s Cabin (located near the North Hub) must book in advance. To do so, please contact info@skilarchhills.ca or 236-586-5711.  During the Summer months, corrals in the stadium area are also available to rent, please contact Pauline at 250-832-2358 for info.

User Fees Per Night

  • Cec’s Cabin
    • $10 per person
  • Chalet
    • Please contact 236-586-5711 for rates
  • Summer Camping in Stadium
    • $20 per group per night

Please Note

  • Your booking is not exclusive (you may be sharing)
  • Over the Christmas-New Years period no bookings will be made

Thank you for your co-operation