Snow Depth Measurements: 2007 – 2022

Keith Cox measuring snow depth at The Summit station #2.

Have a look at the data and graphs below. What patterns appear to be emerging? 

Will accelerating climate change affect the snow pack on our Larch Hills Ski Area?

The pattern of each winter’s snowfall accumulation is different. We know this based on our snow shoveling efforts around home. How do Larch Hills’ measured snow depths in early January 2022 and early March 2022 compare with the average snow depths measured over the past 16 years?

Jan. 29, 2022: 2022 Measurements comparisons to 16 year measurement averages coming soon.
Early January 2021 measured snow depths were at or slightly above the 15 year average. Significant snow settling occurred on January 13 with a high in Salmon Arm of +10.6C and max. wind gusts of 64K/Hr.

Early March 2021 measured snow depths were below the 15 year average.

Larch Hills Measured
Snow Depths
Parking Lot
South Hub.
Cec’s Cabin
The Summit
2007 – 2021 –
15 Yr. Average
early January Snow Depth
Jan. 2, 2021 measured snow depths57cm = 1.1X
15 Yr. Avg.
74cm = 1.2X
15 Yr. Avg.
87cm = 1.1X
15 Yr. Avg.

91cm = .99X
15 Yr. Avg.
2007 – 2021 –
15 Yr. Average
March Snow Depth
Mar. 2, 2021 measured snow depths52cm = .84X
15 Yr. Avg.
84cm = .90X
15 Yr. Avg.
100cm= 0.9X
15 Yr. Avg.
15 Yr. Avg.

Click to enlarge the graph below. The top black ‘linear’ trendline indicates an average decrease in measured snow depths for the Summit – 1400M elevation. There is less of an average decrease at Cec’s Cabin – 1200M elevation (second from top black line). The almost flat trendline for South Hub – 1057M elevation suggests average measured snow depths have balanced out between the peaks and troughs over the past 15 years. Surprisingly the average measured snow depth at the Parking Lot – 1000M has increased slightly over the 15 year period of measurements.

2007 – 2021 Measured Snow Depths:
Minimums, Maximums and 15-Year Averages
March 5, 2021

  • The minimum early March snow depth measured at the Chalet was in 2010: 4 cm. Snow was trucked from Manning Park to the Vancouver North Shore mountains for the Alpine events that February for the 2010 Winter Olympics. South Hub’s minimum measured snow depth was also early March 2010: 58 cm
  • The maximum early March snow depth measured at the Chalet was in 2018: 106 cm. March 2018 measured snow depth were also the deepest for the 15 year measurement period: South Hub: 130 cm, Cec’s Cabin: 157 cm, the Larch Hills Summit: 161 cm.
  • 15-Yr. Average early March snow depths measured at the Chalet (1000M elevation) is 62 cm. South Hub (1050M elevation) is 93 cm. Cec’s Cabin (1200M elevation) is 110 cm. The Larch Hills Summit (1400M elevation) is 126 cm.



If you have questions or would like to participate in one of four Winter 2022 snow depths measurements skis to the Summit or part way please contact George at 250-832-9335 or Keith at 250-832-7768. Skiing time to the Summit and back to the Parking Lot including measurements, breaks and lunch at the Summit is about 4.5 hours, depending on snow conditions.