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Note that this is not precisely where the groomer has gone, there will be sections that erroneously appear either as groomed or non-groomed. As well, it is not in real-time but is updated after the tracksetters have finished grooming although points from where the tracksetter has gone do appear. You can control what layers appear by clicking on the symbol in the top right corner.

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Northern Trails

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Alder Lane2019-02-19
Baby Moonwalk2019-02-19
East Dales2019-02-19
Far East2019-02-17
Heartbreak Hill2019-02-19
Larch Hills Road (South Hub to North Hub)2019-02-19
Larch Lake Loop2019-02-19
Plantation Place2019-02-19
Sky Trail2019-02-17
Whoopee North2019-02-19
Whoopee South2019-02-19
Willow Switch2019-02-19

Central Trails

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Beaver Lane2019-02-16
Bilbo’s Bog2019-02-18
Camel’s Hump2019-02-18
Chalet Loop2019-02-18
Cottonwood Cutoff2019-02-18
Ermine Frolic Hill2019-02-18
Ermine Frolic Loop2019-02-18
Ermine Wiggle2019-02-16
Frodo’s Bog2019-02-19
Gullan’s Gulley2019-02-18
Hunters Range View2019-02-17
Jackrabbit Lane2019-02-16
Larch Hills Road (Chalet to South Hub)2019-02-19
Marathon Loop2019-02-18
Marmot Lane2019-02-16
Metford Road2019-02-18
Pika Lane2019-02-16
Reino’s Run2019-02-18
Stig’s Loop2019-02-19
The Beast2019-02-18

Southern Trails

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Roller Coaster2019-02-16
Sentinel Cutoff2019-02-18
South Canoe Ski Out2018-03-12Closed
Tom’s Shelter (Ginzu)2019-02-16
Townview (Ginzu)2019-02-16
Woodlot Ramble2019-02-18