Trail Map

For the most recent snowshoe trails map, please click here. You can view all the trail maps here.

Snowshoe Etiquette

  • Please avoid groomed ski trails except for crossing them or in emergencies.
  • Take care when crossing ski trails especially on hills, where skiers may be moving very fast.
  • Snowshoe only on marked snowshoe trails follow yellow signs and yellow, crossed snow-shoe trail markers.
  • White signs are Cross Country Ski Signs – snowshoe tracks are very hazardous for cross country skiers going down hills.
  • Snowshoe trails are Canine Friendly.  Please keep dogs leashed when crossing ski trails.

Please Help With Snowshoe Trail Maintenance

Our snowshoe trails, through bogs, maturing forests and new plantations, are kept open by users who pack new fallen snow, and clear new small fallen trees and branches covering signs. They also report larger problems that they are unable to deal with. Both a small folding pruning saw and/or a hand pruner are very useful tools and make good Christmas presents.

Please report fallen trees or other issues to or via our web form.

You should be prepared for occasional bushwhacking around new fallen trees, and basic trail finding after fresh snowfalls, when trail signs may be covered with snow.


Much of our trail system is considered wilderness.  Trails are not patrolled.  If you are unable to return to the Chalet on your own,  you may be stranded for a lengthy time.

Basic winter survival gear of water, food and extra warm clothing are essential on our longer more remote trails, that are less frequently used, especially Moms Loop and Coffey’s Climb.

This Year’s Trails

We now have approximately 16 km of snowshoe trails, most of which can be linked in loops of various lengths.

Last summer we re-decked the bridges on S. Interpretive Trail, and widened the bridges on Lucy and Stumpy.  We also created an alternative, more gentle, climb trail around the steep section near the west end of the South Interpretive Trail.

Access and Trail Descriptions

There are 3 entrances to the snowshoe trails from the Chalet area. On the left of the start area, across the road from the Chalet, Bilbos Bog Trail climbs to Bilbo’s Bog Loop Trail, which is beautiful in winter, but not usable in summer. Our newest entrance is from the access to the Canine Trail from the Parking Lot.  (A small donation box is also located there along with the sign in sheets). This section fo Lucy crosses the ski track and joins left Stumpy or right to Bilbos Bog Trail.

Stumpy & Lucy are linked.  They make a short, easy loop, close to Chalet. 

Easy Peasy starts on the right, 25 meters after starting up Bilbos Bog Trail. It is a connector that links to several trails west of our Main Road.

Moose Trail starts at the North right end of the start area.  Winds to the South Hub, splitting into Moose or Lost in the Woods for its last half.

Mom’s Loop links Mom’s Trail and The Interpretive Trail to Moose. Still being refined, this is a challenging 2 – 3 hour loop of about 5 k starting at the Chalet. There are long climbs in both directions, but some great views when the clouds and fog back off.  The easiest climb is clockwise via the Interpretive Trail.

Gullan’s Gully: Especially early in the season, be cautious about possible shallow water. Gullan’s may be accessed from either either Bail Out or Bilbo’s Bog Trail and ends at the South Hub.

Coffey’s Climb, our most challenging snowshoe trail, starts at the South Hub. It is approx. 5 km long and 2-3 hours from the Chalet to Cec’s Cabin depending on snow conditions and fitness. Plan on a full day. This is back country snowshoeing.


Our Snowshoe Trails were first developed in 2005 and have seen increasing use ever since. All of our trails are developed and maintained by users and volunteers. Volunteers have mapped, GPS’d, and softened our trails to reduce large obstacles and to ensure that the surface is reasonably level for in low snow conditions. Signs and trail markers are an on-going project – please let us know where improvement is needed.