Adult Learn to Ski Program

Adult Learn to Ski ProgramPhil Wright and other experienced Larch Hills Nordics skiers want to help you to enjoy cross country skiing on the Larch Hills Trails.

If you are new to the area or new to cross country skiing, or, your children are in the Jack Rabbit Program and you’re waiting in the Chalet to take them home after the lesson,  the Adult Learn to Ski Program, supported by Larch Hills Nordics volunteers, may be just right for you!

There is no charge.  Phil enjoys sharing his knowledge of the Larch Hills Trails, providing tips on basic skiing technique and hints on ski equipment with beginner adults in a friendly low-key way. After several sessions with Phil (who has a fairly flexible schedule) or one of the other Adult Learn to Ski Program Volunteers you will feel more confident about which trails to explore. you will understand which wax to use, how to apply the wax and when not to use wax. You will know how to “herringbone” or “snowplow” on your skis. You will be set to enjoy many of the groomed and ungroomed trails on Larch Hills.

If you are interested please contact Phil at 250-832-9517.