Youth Ski Programs

Age as of December 31st at the start of ski season.

Jackrabbits Programs

  • Bunnyrabbits
  • Jackrabbits
  • Youth Explorers

Ski Team Programs (LH Junior Race Team)

  • Track Attack 2 (Ski Team)
  • Race Team
  • Recreation Team

Jackrabbits Programs

Bunnyrabbits (3-5)

The bunnyrabbit program is geared towards kids aged 3 to 5, and parents must stay with their child during the lesson.  The lesson typically ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. If your child is new to cross country skiing, and is 4 or 5 years old, they should start in bunnies.

Jackrabbits (5-12)

Jackrabbits has four levels, 1-4. Children typically start in level 1 when they are 5 or 6 years old, after completing bunnies the previous year, have skied with their family, or are starting out at 6 years old. Skiers progress through the levels as they meet skill requirements. An older skier (around 9 years old) who has just started cross country skiing, would be placed into a group of older beginners (as long as there is a coach for the group), or would be placed into a level 2 or 3 group depending on their skiing and athletic ability.

Youth Explorers (11-18)

The Youth Explorers Group is a group of youth skiers with strong parental support that explore the Larch Hill trail system. The program is designed for younger Larch Hill members [ages 11 to 18] who have completed the Jack Rabbit ski lesson program (minimum one year completed of Level 4) and wish to continue to spend their Saturdays skiing with an energetic bunch of young skiers. The emphasis of the program is on fun, social skiing and longer ski times [approx. two hours] providing a great alternative to the Racing Team.

Ski Team Programs (Larch Hills Junior Race Team)

Track Attack 2 (9-11)

This program now requires the age of 9 instead of 8.  Compared to Track Attack 1, this program has more sessions overall (50-60 sessions) starting in September and running Saturdays 10-12, Thursday afternoons (4:30 to 6) at South Broadview school, and once we have enough snow; Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at Larch Hills.  Tuesdays are not required for the 9 year olds so they will have closer to 50 sessions.  This is a fun program, with volunteer coaches teaching ski skills and techniques, developing strength, speed, power, and aerobic fitness.  Games, fun events and challenges, and short and long ski  adventures are used to teach skills and nurture a team atmosphere. Waxable classic and kate equipment is required.  Competition is introduced, and participation is encouraged in the local races, the Track Attack race weekend, and at other regional OK cup and BC cup races.

Race Team (12+)

The race team is committed to the growth and skill development of young racers.

The junior race team is divided into training groups based on both competency and age. Training is aimed toward team participation in competition. Athletes will be encouraged to race, beginning with local events and moving toward regional and provincial competitions. (120-180 sessions) This program is coached by the head coach and volunteer coaches.

For the schedule and more information, please visit the website and click on Join Us.

Recreation Group (12+)

This is a Ski Team program. The Rec group is for kids that are from U14 to U18 who are interested in skiingbut not the competitive aspect. We do both skate and classic techniquethroughout the ski season and throw in some backcountry skiing at Larch Hills as well. Sessions do have some technique focus as well as games and longer outings. During the summer we typically go on one or two backpacking trips and in the fall start up with regular sessions. During the fall and winter we have two to three sessions a week that are usually at the same time as the main group; however, this can vary depending on athletes’ and coaches’ schedules. We also enjoy some out of town trips to explore other ski areas and usually finish off the season with a ski trip to the Rockies.

Programs Summary (Age as of December 31st at the start of ski season)

Program NameAgesCostNumber of SessionsMore Info
Youth Explorers11-18$8012
Track Attack 2 (Ski Team)9-11$35050-60
Ski Team Recreation12+$35050-60
Ski Team Competitive U1412-13$500120-130
Ski Team Competitive U16+14+$750170-180