30KM Recreational

Start: 10:05 AM

For all ages: This route combines our lowest and highest elevation track set trails with portions of our traditional loppet route in a 30k single loop. In the start area, please position yourself on the left side of the start line with the R10 and R17 skiers on your right, as you will be turning left onto Chalet Loop within 500 m of the start line.

From Chalet Loop keep right along Sunshine, right up Woodlot Ramble, and then a sharp right up Sentinel. Keep left onto Skyview until you intersect with Metford Road. Turn left over Bilbo’s Bog, refuel at the aid station, then carry on around Ermine Frolic. Turn left up Reino’s Run, left on Cottonwood Cutoff, and left at the south hub to visit the next aid station. Keep to the left as there is a short distance of two-way travel until you are on Plantation Place which will bring you back onto Larch Hills Road which you will follow all the way up to Alder Lane. Turn left on Alder Lane, right on Skytrail, and a sharp right back onto Larch Hills Rd and to the Aid station at Cec’s cabin.

From there, go left down Larch Lake loop, left on Panorama, and left (with care) to rejoin the main loppet on Baby Moonwalk. Continue left onto Willow Switch which will lead you onto East Dales and back to the two way traffic at the aid station. From there it is left onto Frodo’s Bog, right down Stig’s Loop, and a sharp right taking you back up Larch Hills Rd. Turn left onto Gullan’s Gully, left down Hot Shot, left on Ermine Frolic and then right down Larch Hills Rd approaching the start/finish stadium. Avoid the lap lane by keeping left and going through the Dark Trail to the finish lane.

NOTE! The lower and upper elevations of this route may not be optimally track set on race day depending on weather conditions and time available.

Download the Recreation 30KM Map PDF