Women’s Ski Night

We have some exciting and new things happening this year, and the first program to get under way is the weekly Women Ski Night at 7pm Thursday (starting Dec 8) we want to welcome all who identify as a Women to come out and enjoy a friendly evening ski.

Are you new to cross country skiing? No problem we have some fantastic leaders who are more then willing to give you pointers!

Are you experienced, but wanting a casual ski? Perfect, that’s what we are wanting too!

Are you needing to rent equipment for the evening? Contact John’s Ski Shack the day before to reserve some rentals #250-832-3457

Special Dates

On Feb 9 and 16, 2023 we would like to invite you join us for a intro to skate skiing. We will split into two groups; one for a regular ski, and the other for a introductory skate ski session.

Do you need Skate Ski rentals?
John’s Ski Shack is offering free skate ski rentals for the evening- contact him ahead of time for rentals (250-832-3457)

Any questions can be sent to programs@skilarchhills.ca