Staying Safe

Are you equipped to deal with an emergency such as getting lost or an injury to yourself or someone else? View and print off our quick start guide here.

Equipment You’re Encouraged to Carry

  • A fully charged cell phone.
  • A Cell Phone Reception Trail map available from the new Kiosk Sign across from the Chalet. Also posted on coroplast signs at 6 on-trail locations and at the Chalet and printable above.
  • A current LHNS Emergency Responders Contact Listavailable from the new Kiosk Sign across from the Chalet and printable above.
  • For back country trails be equipped with such things as a space blanket, extra clothing, first aid supplies, matches and fire starter, a flashlight, snacks, maybe even an emergency locator device.

Other Safety Suggestions

  • Go with a group. If you must go alone tell someone the trails you will travel and your ETA .
  • STICK to the trails and time frame you committed to or advise your contact of any changes .
  • Download Avenza to use geo-referenced cell reception and trails maps. Directions on website on the Trail Maps page.
  • Become familiar with where our safety equipment is located – the locations are also on our trail maps
    • There are three manual rescue toboggans on the hill: Metford/Bilbo’s junction, South Hub and Cec’s Cabin. A tub at each location has sleeping bags and emergency supplies in a daypack.
    • Watch this 8 minute video demonstrating Rescue Toboggan Skills.
    • There are also three locations on the Larch Hills trails where Buckets containing first aid supplies are located: Sentinel/Lakeview junction, Far East/Moonwalk junction, and the Summit Trail 150m below the junction with Summit Shortcut.
  • Note the six on-trail locations where cell reception maps are posted
  • Read the Emergency Response for Skiers and Snowshoers and note where it is on the website and posted at the chalet.
  • Check the Safety Host sign-out board when starting out to see who is On the Hill.