Elementary Schools Ski Host Program

Prior to the Friday, February 1, 2019 Larch Hills Elementary Schools Pirate Loppet, Larch Hills Nordics Society (LHNS) volunteers are keen to provide an opportunity for School District #83 elementary school students and their teachers to gain familiarity with the Larch Hills trails through the LHNS School Ski Host Program.

Up to three (3) skis sessions are available to each participating school class, usually one session per week.  We aim for about 10 students per Ski Host Volunteer

There is no charge for these sessions, but donations to the LHNS towards the maintenance of the Larch Hills trails and facilities are gratefully accepted.
Donations may be sent to LHNS, Box 218 Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4N3 or deposited in the donation box at the top of the stairs by the Chalet. 

The School Ski Host Program began in January 2009. Students, Teachers and Larch Hills Volunteers have participated each January since 2009.
The number of young smiling skiers enjoying the Larch Hills trails continues to grow!   

In January 2018, 528 students (326 students last year) from 9 local schools were hosted by 40 Larch Hills Nordics Volunteers for 1216 student visits (914 student visits last year).
Thanks to Program Coordinator Karin Huster and Larch Hills Volunteer Ski Hosts for enabling a 33% increase in student ski visits to Larch Hills and a 62% increase in the number of students over 2017!  

Thank you to these Larch Hills Nordics Volunteers for hosting the January 2018 School visits:

  • Daryl Bader
  • Petra Bader
  • Peter Barss
  • Daniela Bruns
  • James Burton
  • James Cadden
  • Brian David 
  • Kirsten Earl 
  • Elizabeth Eso
  • Steve Fabro
  • Dale Fennell
  • Gullan Hansen
  • Barb Heckrodt
  • Val Heckrodt
  • Lorne Hunter
  • Pat Hutchins
  • Sonia Irisno 
  • Reinhard Liebich
  • Eleanor Marshall
  • Tom Marshall 
  • Chris McMahen
  • David Miege
  • Kerry Miller
  • Peter Molnar
  • Richard Motz
  • Jim Nadler
  • Doug Noakes
  • Connie Pasutto
  • Loretta Prosser
  • Beth Savage
  • Rob Savage
  • Brian Smith
  • Clint Smith
  • Eva Smith
  • Marcel Tetrault
  • Pauline Waelti
  • Keith Wilkie
  • Marianne Wolters
  • Jeanetta Zorn
  • George Zorn


Bookings for ski host sessions will close on December 1st 2018 for the January 2019 LHNS Schools Ski Host Program.

If you have questions or to sign up for Ski Host sessions please contact Karin Huster at 250-832-9959 or