Larch Hills Track set Trails High Branch Pruning & Brushing, and Lost on the Larch Hills Ski or Snowshoe Trails?

Larch Hills Track set Trails High Branch Pruning & Brushing – 2017

75% of track set trails completed

A total 2.5K of high branch pruning & brushing on Ermine Frolic Loop was completed in October 2017.
Sight line improvements on the Loop’s sharp corners, at the bottom of Metford Rd. hill and at Bilbo’s Bog – Metford Rd junction were also done for safety reasons. A total of 27K (75%) of track set trails considered in need of work have been pruned and brushed since 2012. Since 2012 a total of 104 days and 1423 volunteer hours have been invested in Larch Hills track set trails high branch pruning and brushing.

October 2017 LHNS Volunteers:  Jim Cadden, Dave Evensen, Bent Kristensen, Craig McBride, Jim Nadler,
Doug Noakes, Kerry & Leona Orchard, LHNS Ski Team Midgets, Parents and Coaches, Pat Smith, George Zorn.

More information and photos are posted on the Larch Hill’s website here.

Lost on the Larch Hills Ski or Snowshoe Trails?

If you’re new to the Larch Hills Trails and don’t yet know (like many of us) all of the 150K of trails “like the back of your hand” consider this: “You Are Here” Maps are posted at key junctions on both track set (~50K) and non-track set (~100K) trails. “To Parking Lot” signs are posted, each with an arrow, pointing the fastest route back to the Parking Lot and Chalet. Trails are named with routered brown lettering on white background or painted signs Printable Maps are posted on the Larch Hills website here Try downloading one of the geo-referenced Larch Hills trail maps here to your cell phone. While skiing, without using data, your phone will show you, using GPS, your present location on your chosen Larch Hills trails map. There are lots of friendly skiers and snow shoers who will be glad to help you find your way on the trails! Like us on Facebook