Chalet Expansion Donations, Volunteer Safety Hosts Program Update

Larch Hills Chalet Expansion Donations

For those still wanting to make a charitable donation to the Chalet Expansion Project please fill out the form and send in to the LHNS. If you donate before December 31, 2017 you will receive a tax receipt.

Volunteer Safety Hosts Program Update

Please review Larch Hills Nordics Safety Hosts Program information here: . This service started in the winter of 2014. There are currently 19 LHNS Volunteer Safety Hosts serving a LHNS membership of ~ 1000 people.

Waterproof, 2-sided “carry along” copies of the Larch Hills Trails Cell Phone Reception map and the 2017-18 Larch Hills Emergency Responders List are available next to the Chalet’s front door (no charge) or at Salmon Arm Stationary for $1.25.   

Carry the waterproof Cell Reception map and Emergency Responders list with you along with a cell phone and a compact space blanket in your hydration belt or pack. Take a picture of the Safety Hosts who are signed “ON HILL” as you head out skiing or on snowshoes.      

8 Safety Host volunteers recently took Level 1 First Aid Training at the College the first time or as a renewal. Transportation Endorsement training will happen on January 11. Safety Hosts pay half of the cost for this training. Your membership fees help to pay for the other half.   
If you would like more information about serving as a LHNS Safety Host contact any Safety Host on the LHNS Emergency Responders list.    Like us on Facebook