Kraft Heinz Project Play for our Trail Lighting Project

Information about the project is available on our website here. This project will be expensive, and fundraising is critical so we have entered this project into a community competition called KRAFT HEINZ PROJECT PLAY.

The winner will receive $250,000 for a community project and the next three communities will each receive $25,000 towards their projects.

We need your help!!! Please visit our Community Rally page and consider submitting a nomination for this project.  The deadline for submitting nominations is September 22nd.

The direct link is as follows:

If you are having trouble following the direct link, the website is Under the heading “Find My Facility” enter the province as B.C. and the project as â€œLarch Hills Nordic Society Trail Lighting Project”.

Please ensure that you type in the full name of the project.  Once you have found the Community Rally page you will be able to register and submit your nomination. You will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire and you will be able to post photos and videos.

The finalists for this competition will be chosen by judges who will evaluate the submitted nominations, photos, and videos as well as “likes” and “shares” on Social Media.

We are hoping that many community members will participate.  Spread the word! This is a great opportunity to showcase our incredible organization and community. The deadline for submitting nominations is September 22nd.

After that four communities will be selected and there will be a voting process to determine the winner. If enough people submit nominations, we do have a chance!!

In 2016 Nakkertok Nordic Ski Club in Ontario won this contest and used the money to install snowmaking equipment.