Motion for Chalet Expansion Approved at General Meeting

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There was a record turnout for the Larch Hills Nordic Society General Meeting held Tuesday, January 12, 2016, with 205 people in attendance.  Out of the votes cast for the motion presented, 85.5 % were in favour of the motion to approve chalet expansion.  The results were as follows: 165 votes in favour, 27 votes not in favour, and 1 spoiled ballot, for a total of 193 votes cast.

The motion that was passed at the General Meeting is as follows:

The Larch Hills Nordic Society approves expansion of the existing chalet to approximately 3600 square feet, providing the following requirements are met:

  1. Funds to undertake this project are obtained through a combination of the following:
    1. fundraising activities
    2. grants
    3. donations of cash, in kind labor, services, and supplies
    4. funds currently available in the LHNS “Infrastructure Account”
    5. other sources of funding that may become available
  2. Formal Architect drawn plans are obtained by the Chalet Expansion Committee and shared with the LHNS Membership with an invitation for suggestions and feedback.
    1. Finalized plans, taking member input into consideration, are submitted to the LHNS Executive for review and approval.
  3. The currently planned Climate Update Study is completed and shared with the LHNS Membership and Executive within three months, and prior to any new chalet construction.
    1. Chalet expansion construction may commence upon approval from the LHNS Executive provided that the Climate Update Study suggests a reasonable likelihood of skiable conditions through most of the existing Larch Hills Recreation Area an average of 60 days per season for most of the seasons during the next fifteen years.

We would like to thank the members who came to the General Meeting to hear the presentation by the Chalet Expansion Committee, ask questions and provide comments, and then vote.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the members of the Chalet Expansion Committee for their hard work and commitment over the past two years. Your dedication is greatly appreciated by the Board of Directors and members of the Larch Hills Nordic Society.

The full Chalet Expansion present can be downloaded here.