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Larch Hills Safety Hosts

Would you like to be more capable of assisting an injured skier or snowshoer in the Larch Hills?
This fall consider joining the Larch Hills Safety Hosts! Your help will be much appreciated.
If you are a frequent skier at Larch Hills we need your help!

  • Our Volunteer service time while skiing is NOT scheduled. We do NOT systematically patrol the 50K of track set trails.
  • WE DO COME PREPARED to respond to an emergency if called upon by cell phone or in person.
  • We wear a Hi-Vis Yellow Arm Band with a white cross on a red background while skiing to identify ourselves as LHNS Safety Hosts.
  • We use the Safety Host Sign In – Sign Out board beside the front door of the Chalet to indicate to fellow skiers that we are on the trails skiing with our cell phones turned on – ready to respond.  

We are currently a group of 18 LHNS member volunteers, both women and men.
Larch Hills Ski Club will cover half the cost Okanagan College’s Work Safe BC one day First Aid Level 1 course and the one day Transportation Endorsement course if you wish to take this training. We’ll help you to learn how to use our Club’s snowmobiles and to participate in an emergency response exercise.
Want to find out more about this volunteer LHNS member service?
Contact Keith at 250-832-7768 ( or George at 250-832-9335  (
Come to the November 14 LHNS Safety meeting and meet the group.