Lantern Ski Thank You and Upcoming Loppets

Lantern Ski Thank You

A great big thank you to all the volunteers and donors who participated in the Lantern Ski on Dec. 28, 2017.The amount of teamwork required to host such an event is significant and we are very grateful to all the volunteers, donors, ski and snow shoe participants for making this annual tradition a success.

We estimate that just under 300 hundred participants  attended which included 136 non-member guests. The event raised $1,829.34 in donations for the Foodbank and LHNS. It required 45 volunteers contributing 175 hours of work to host this event. To top it all off everyone had a great time and no injuries reported.

A special thank you to Mike Melin owner of Access Precision Machining for the lantern kerosene, Kari Wilkinson for the poster design, Kari Dukeshire & Bernie Weare and family for providing and placing over 150 paper candle bag lanterns and Roland Huster for the use of his shop and property to store the lantern storage trailer.

Birchleg Ski Event

The Wells Gray Outdoors Club is again holding our Annual Birchleg Ski Event, to be held Saturday, February 3, up at the Candle Creek Trails in Clearwater. Plan to stay for the weekend and visit Wells Gray Provincial Park as well.


Attached is a Birchleg Poster and registration form. For more information please visit Also visit the Tourism Wells Gray website at:


We hope you get a chance to come ski or snowshoe on our fantastic trails!!

Golden Huckleberry Loppet

Welcome to all participants of all ages to the 22nd Golden Huckleberry Loppet: February 3, 4. This is an event we have tuned to distances from 1k to 30k and we are proud of the rolling, well designed courses. We are also proud of our fantastic, friendly crew whom are ready to play host. We include a professional chef for our Loppet lunches and a clown for the kids in our events, a chariot poker race, great draw prizes, and our famous, handmade Raku medallions for podium finishers.
The detailed race notice and registration is posted on  Please register early!
See you here!

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