Kal Tire Sponsorship, Trail Clearing and Wood Shed Help Wanted

Kal Tire Sponsorship

Just a quick update… we are on the homestretch of the $100 Kal Tire offer.  (Deadline is Oct 6, this coming Saturday.)
Wanted to say THANK YOU.  I have been impressed with our clubs’ efforts in promoting this so far… there’s good understanding that we, as a sport, are trying to reel in a big fish.  After all, if Kal Tire can sponsor the CFL, we need to show them that cross country skiing can punch above its weight!
So… my request is the following:  Please DO consider a final push in the next couple days to help promote this in whatever way possible, be it a reminder in a club email/newsletter, on your club’s Facebook page, and/or sharing CCBC’s most recent Facebook post, located here:   
In other news, our clubs in total are already 800 members ahead of this day last year.  Wow!  Great work everyone!

Larch Hills High Branch Pruners & Brushers – Help Wanted

Your help is needed to prepare the Larch Hills track set ski trails for another great ski season! Join a small group of volunteers who will meet at the Chalet on Tuesday morning, October 9 at 9 a.m. to begin work for the seventh season pruning overhanging tree branches and brushing along the edges of these trails:  Willow Switch, Heart Break Hill, Plantation Place, Camel’s Hump and Mom’s Trail.

Details on the Larch Hills Nordics website here 

If you can’t make it next Tuesday morning we do plan to work (if it’s not raining too hard or snowing!) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings meeting at the Chalet at 9 a.m. through October into November. 

“What work will I be doing?” We’ll spell each other off moving cut tree branches off the trail and using hand tools to cut branches. We could use the help of another experienced chain saw operator who can bring their own chain saw. Fuel and oil can be provided.  A hard hat is required when working with a Silky pruning pole. Safety glasses recommended. Please bring work gloves, water and a snack or lunch. 
If you have other questions, want to car pool from Salmon Arm or want to confirm work day changes due to rough weather please call:
George (250-832-9335) or Craig (250-833-6626).

Thanks for considering!           

We need volunteers to help fill the new wood shed!

Jobs to do: split wood  (using a power /electric splitter) saw  slabs stack wood in shed If you can help please contact Pauline Waelti 250 833-0325 Like us on Facebook