An Invitation to Ski the Larch Lake Bogs Route (Updated Route)

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When? On Saturday Jan 21, 2017 starting at 9:30 a.m. from the Chalet.

Where? Route map here. Bogs lengths: 400M, 200M, 150M and 100M

Total Ski Distance: 13.4K – 10K on track set: ski up Skytrail, ski down LH Road, ski 3.4 K on the Larch Lake Bogs route. Updated route – 13.7K: 7.5K on track set, 6.2K on untrack set: ski up LH Rd, Cottonwood Cut off then on Tree Beard’s Trail to North Hub and 400M Bog access. From the 100M Bog ski out Larch Lk. Loop and down LH Road. Total ski distance is 3.4 K on the Larch Lake Bogs route.

Suggestion: Wear X-C touring skis and big basket poles. Bring a snack and a thermos.

Contact: George 250-832-9335