General Meeting, Safety Host Volunteers, Equipment Donation Request

Larch Hills Nordic Society General Meeting

The second general meeting for the Larch Hills Nordic Society will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 7pm downstairs at the Salmon Arm Recreation Centre. All members and those interested in becoming members are welcome to attend. For more information about the Larch Hills Nordic Society please go to

Please consider joining the Larch Hills Volunteer Safety Hosts  

Imagine you are enjoying skiing or snowshoeing on the Larch Hills Trails and suddenly encounter an injured person who is in distress. It’s -10C. How would you respond? In what ways is our Larch Hills Nordics Club prepared to support your response and assist you?
If you are a frequent skier at Larch Hills, your help will be much appreciated!
As a Safety Host your skiing or snowshoeing experiences are NOT scheduled. We do NOT systematically patrol the 57K of track set trails, the 114K of non-track set trails or the 17K of snowshoe trails.
SAFETY HOSTS DO COME PREPARED to respond to an emergency if called upon by cell phone or in person. We participate in First Aid Training, Mock Rescues Training and Equipment Training.   WEAR a Hi-Vis Yellow Arm Band with a white cross on a red background while skiing or snowshoeing to identify ourselves as Larch Hills Volunteer Safety Hosts. USE the Safety Host Sign In – Sign Out board at the new Kiosk beside the outdoor trail map to indicate to fellow skiers that we are out on the trails with our cell phones turned on – ready to respond. PROVIDE Members and visitors at the new Kiosk with an annually updated list of Larch Hills Emergency Responders and a map of cell reception / no reception areas for the Larch Hills Trails network. MAINTAIN 4 First Aid Sleds, each with backpack Emergency Response Kits stored in three well marked Safety Tubs on track set trails and 3 safety buckets located at the extremities of the trail network.     
We are currently a group of 13 Larch Hills Volunteer Safety Hosts serving  ~1000 LHNS members.
Want to find out more about this Volunteer service? See info. on the Club website here.
Contact Keith at 250-832-7768 ( or George at 250-832-9335  (

We need the following items.  Please consider donating equipment you no longer use.

Larch Hills Volunteer Safety Hosts are asking for your help to outfit three new Backpack Emergency Response Kits – each stored in well marked Safety Tubs at three on-trail First Aid Sled locations: Cec’s Cabin, South Hub and top of Metford Rd hill at the junction with Bilbo’s Bog.  
Contact: George at 250-832-9335, Three, 30L – 35L volume internal frame back packs. Maximum 65 cm length to fit in a Safety Tub Three adult size compressible, synthetic or down insulation sleeping bags (not summer weight) Three sleeping bag compressions sacks with tightening straps Like us on Facebook