Q. What ages are the skiers in the different groups?

A. Ages can range within groups because children join the program with different skiing abilities. We try to group the skiers within each group with others with similar ages and abilities. The age ranges of the skiers are 4-12 with some older skiers joining explorers. Most three year old children aren’t ready for structured ski lessons.

Q. Our family hasn’t really cross country skied, but I would really like my child to join jackrabbits. Is that ok?

A. Yes of course. If your child has never skied, please let us know when you register so we can put them into the correct group so they have a positive experience skiing with kids their own ability.

Q. We just moved here and our family skis a lot. Do I have to start my child in bunnies?

A. No, please let us know when you register how much experience your child has so we can put your child in the appropriate group. We try to group kids that are at the same ability within a group. For example, there may be four groups in level 1. Two of the groups might have kids who are younger, such as 5,6,7 (one beginner group, and one group that has moved up from bunny rabbits), a middle group, and a group with kids who are starting at an older age (9,10,11),but have just started skiing, so they aren’t in level 2 or 3 yet.

Q. Do I have to accompany my child?

A. If your child is in bunny rabbits, then yes, an adult needs to accompany each child. Some parents ski and some walk with the bunny groups as they typically stay around the stadium. If you have twins, then one adult is fine. In the other groups, we typically ask a parent to go along with the group each week. This is organized by the coaches.

Q. Do I need to buy my child both skate and classic skis?

A. No, only classic skis are needed. For levels 3 and 4, the kids will spend a couple lessons learning how to skate ski. The club owns lots of skate skis with both types of bindings, so those will be used, but if your child has their own skate skis, they are welcome to use those.

Q. I have skis for my child with three pin bindings. Are those ok? They haven’t really been used and are like new.

A. We don’t recommend them as generally your child’s experience won’t be as good as it could be as the bindings do not flex as well and it will be harder for your child to learn proper technique.

Q. Should I buy boots and bindings with Salomon or Alpina/Rossignol bindings?

A. It will be easier for your family to stay with the same type of binding across children or years, but both types are good. It really depends on what you find within your budget.

Q. What size skis does my child need?

A. You should go to a ski shop and talk to them. They will be able to look at your child and let you choose something that will be good for them according to what you want to spend.

Q. We downhill ski a lot but haven’t really cross country skied. Should I send my child in their downhill ski suit and goggles?

A. It depends on your child’s age and the level they are in. Bunnies can wear warmer winter type clothing, but the other groups should not be wearing downhill snow suits. Typically long johns or thin sweat pants (workout pants) under a nordic ski pant or a splash pant (available at larger retailers).

Q. My 10 year old has never cross country skied. Can I sign them up?

A. Yes of course. Let us know that they haven’t skied before, and they will probably start at level 1, in a group with similarly aged children.

Q. I missed the deadline, and I can’t seem to register on zone4, how can I register?

A. Unfortunately we cannot take late registrations. In the past we have accepted new registrations after the registration closed, but it has been a lot of work to get the registrations into zone4, collect money, and then re-organize groups. We decided in 2014 that we would no longer accept late registrations.

Q. I haven’t coached before, but would be interested. I actually haven’t really even cross country skied either. What do you think?

A. A good place to start would be the bunny rabbit group. If your child is older, then you could co-coach with another coach. See the Coaches page for more details on what would be required.