Canine Trail Proposal 2013/14

Canine Proposal Map 2013_

The Canine Committee of the Larch Hills Nordic Society has submitted a proposal to expand the existing Multi Use Canine Trail; the terms of the expansion are as per the following proposal.

The executive of the Larch Hills Nordic invites you to review and vote on this proposal by sending your vote via email to: (copy and paste this address to your email)

Please put your first and last name in the subject line and your vote in the body of the email :
“yes” I support the expansion, or
“no” I do not support the expansion

All voters must be of legal voting age and be on the membership list of Larch Hills Nordic Ski Society or Shuswap Outdoors for the last year; or a current member for this year. One vote per member please.

Voting will close as of midnight October 31, 2013.



Submitted by the Canine Committee
For consideration by LHNS
October 3, 2013

In addition to the existing Multi-Use Canine Trail, the committee proposes that skiers and dogs be allowed to use the South Loop trail system within the following parameters:

• The trail would leave Chalet Loop, advancing uphill one-way on Roller Coaster, turn left onto Skyview, then onto Sentinel, back via Woodlot Ramble joining up with the existing Multi-Use Canine Trail on Sunshine. [6.3 km]
• For a shorter loop skiers and dogs would ski down from Skyview to join up with Woodlot Ramble. [4.2km]
• Skiers with dogs would ski in one direction only (counter clockwise) at all times. Skiers without dogs would continue to ski in either direction.
• please refer to the map linked here:

Canine Proposal Map 2013_

Proposed Terms of Use For All LHNS Canine Trails

• Dogs must be on a leash in the designated parking area and on the way to the multi-use trail, and from the start of Chalet Loop to the top of Roller Coaster hill.
• Off leash is permitted on all other sections of the Canine Trails, provided dogs are kept under control at all times.
• One dog is allowed per skier.
• Droppings must be scooped and removed promptly.
• Dogs are not allowed on the Canine Trails on Jackrabbit Saturdays from 10am to 1pm or during race day times as stipulated by the Race Marshall.
Existing Multi-Use Canine Trail – Two-Way All Users [0.8km]
• Multi-use means use by skiers and snowshoers with or without dogs.
Expanded Canine Trail Loop – One-Way Skiers With Dogs, Two-Way Skiers Only [4.2 or
6.3 km]
• The Canine Committee recommends this trail will be used only by skiers with or without
dogs (no snowshoers).
Respectfully submitted by the LHNS Canine Committee