About the Event

Thanks to everyone who participated in this event! We raised roughly $10,000. For a wrap-up on the event with winners, please see The Observer’s article. The third anual even will be on November 23, 2018 and proceeds will be split between the Larch Hills Nordic Society and Shuswap Hospice Society.

The live streams are now available to view.

Introductions and Showcase Performances

Welcome to the Dancing with the Shuswap Stars! We are live streaming, on location, bringing you the best of these #Shuswapstars moments! #shuswapevent #fundraiser #freepromo

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Couples Divison

The Couples Category at Dancing with the Shuswap Stars
#shuswapevent #fundraiser #shuswapstars #freepromo

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Pro-Am Division

Pro-am Category – TAKE 3 – Dancing with the Shuswap Stars
#shuswapevent #fundraiser #shuswapstars #freepromo #thesuspenseiskillingme

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The Band

How about the band, “Hot Wax and the Klister Sisters”?!! These guys are rockin’ our socks tonight in between showcases! #shuswapstars #freepromo #shuswapevent

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The Winners

And the winner is…. Watch and see!
Dancing with the Shuswap Stars #shuswapevent #fundraiser #shuswapstars #freepromo #thesuspenseiskillingme

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City Dance is proud to be sponsoring Dancing with the Shuswap Stars for the second year and we wish all of the celebrity dancers the best of luck in their performances! Click here for more on City Dance

November 17 is fast approaching. There will be a live stream of the evening and online voting for dancers courtesy of Shuswap Event. This will be available here. You can also see The Observer’s article for more info.


The second annual Dancing with the Shuswap Stars, a fund raising event to help fund a larger chalet at the Larch Hills Nordic Centre. There will be a live eight member band, delicious appies and a full cash bar. For more info, check out The Evening Of page.


On Friday, November 17th, 2017. The doors and the bar open at 6:30pm, the band plays their first set at 7:00pm, and the dancing competition starts at 7:30pm.


In the auditorium of the SASCU Recreation Centre in Salmon Arm.

How to purchase tickets?

Tickets will go on sale on October 2nd at Wearabouts and will also be available at the Larch Hills Ski Swap on October 21st, all for $50. On November 1, ticket prices will increase to $60. Cash or cheque only please.

Thank you for everyone who purchased tickets for Dancing With the Shuswap Stars. The event sold out more quickly than we ever imagined possible! For those of you that were not able to get a ticket, there is an opportunity to watch the dancers perform at their pre-show at City Dance in Vernon on Saturday, November 4th. The cost is $15 to attend and you must contact City Dance to reserve at 250-307-4955.

It will be another celebration of dance and culture to match last year’s first ever sold out event with a new crop of local celebrities watch them unleash their hidden dance talents to compete for four trophies – a runner up and overall winner in two categories. Who wins is decided by a combination of votes between the judges and audience members. It’s about recognizing that everyone has talent, but it stays hidden unless an opportunity is presented for that talent to blossom. This event again promises to be that opportunity. For the audience it will be an evening of fun, laughter, good food, drink, great company and exciting entertainment. If you’re not sure, it’s worth the money ask anyone who attended last year’s event.