June 15, 2017 Update:  There is active  logging going on by Woodlot Ramble and the old canine trail. There is also a culvert issue by the junction of Larch Hills Rd. and Gullan’s Gulley.  Please take care and contact us if there are hazard trees and blockages.  You can contact 250 832-9804.    This trail report will be updated as needed.    


Snowshoe Trails

Winter 2017

A new and updated geo referenced Snow Shoe trail map is now on-line – see link below.

Our trails are volunteer and user maintained. Please carry pruners or a small folding saw with which to assist us in trail maintenance.

All last year’s snow shoe trails have been brushed and had summer windfalls removed and signs checked and replaced if needed. However, recent snowfalls may have bent small trees onto our trails. Please help us all by removing any that are obstructing your trail.

Snow shoeing in the trees is good. All trails are being well used.

The new Bail Out Trail is open, but still under development.

Significant trail changes for safety reasons
  • Easy Peasy has been deactivated
  • Old Bail Out is deactivated and New Bail Out now crosses both Ermine Frolic and Hot Shot at the top of the Ermine Frolic hill and descends on the north side of Ermine Frolic

These snow shoe trails trail changes have happened because they would have had to cross high speed and potentially dangerous XC ski hills on the new Sprint Trails.

Report any hazards to or 250-832-9804

For more info see the Snow Shoeing page or see the Snowshoe Trails Map.