Trail Map

For the snow shoe trails map, please click here. You can view all the trail maps here.

We have updated to a geo-referenced map this season (2016-17)

Snow Shoe Etiquette

  • Except for crossing them or emergencies, please avoid groomed trails.
  • Take care when crossing ski trails – especially on hills, where skiers may be moving very fast.
  • Snowshoe only on marked snow shoe trails – (yellow signs and yellow, crossed snow-shoe trail markers).  White signs are Cross Country Ski Signs.  Snowshoe tracks are very hazardous for cross country skiers going down hills.

All of our trails have been developed by and are maintained by volunteers. Please help us by clipping and pruning where needed as you use our trails. A good Christmas or birthday present could be pruners or a 25 cm folding pruning saw.

We now have approximately 14 km of snow shoe trails. Our newest trail, Bail Out, is now North of Ermine Frolic and open for use. It is a challenging 700 m trail that is still under development.


There are 2 entrances to the snow shoe trails from the Chalet area. On the left of the start area, across the road from the Chalet, a trail climbs to Bilbo’s Bog Loop Trail, which is beautiful in winter, but not usable in summer.

25 meters after crossing Metford Road, there is a short all season connector that links to Bail Out and back to the Chalet, avoiding Bilbo’s Bog and making a short circle route.

At the North end of the start area, Moose Trail winds to the South Hub, via Moose or Lost in the Woods.

Mom’s Loop links Mom’s Trail and The Interpretive Trail (Moms Loop) to Moose and is open for use. It is a challenging 2 – 3 hour loop of about 5 k starting at the Chalet. For fit and agile snow shoers only. There are great views when the clouds and fog back off. There are long climbs in both directions). Newly developed, this has had some softening for recreational users. Use at your own risk.

Be cautious about possible shallow but moving water in Gullan’s Gully. You may choose to take Gullan’s Trail from either Bail Out or Bilbo’s Bog Trail to the South Hub, Frodo’s and the Interpretation Trail.

At the South Hub you can access Coffey’s Climb, our most challenging snowshoe trail. It is approx. 5 km long and 2-3 hours from the Chalet to Cec’s Cabin depending on snow conditions and fitness. Plan on a full day.

Use it at your own risk. This is back country snow shoeing.


Our Snowshoe Trails were first developed in 2005 and have seen increasing use ever since, volunteers have mapped and “softened” our trails to ensure there are no large obstacles and that the surface is reasonably level so they are negotiable in low snow conditions. Signs and trail markers are an on-going project. (please let us know where improvement is needed).

Please report fallen trees or other issues via email to